The Qualities Of Leadership 2-Energy & Passion

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Question-Week ending Sunday 09/07/03:

Energy and Passion are two dynamic qualities that complement each other. Vote for the individual on our list who BEST displays these two qualities when performing. Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

If you want to stir your troops into action, you need to display Energy and Passion when interacting with them. These two qualities go hand in hand for leaders. It's tough to be passionate if you are drowsy or weak. Passionate people always seem full of life and appear tireless and ready to take on the toughest challenges.

Physical conditioning, good diet and healthy sleep habits all contribute to high energy. Being committed to your cause, believing in yourself and your people and having a well thought out plan are all prerequisites for Passionate leaders. Put the two of these qualities together and you become one step closer to achieving your mission as a leader.

Energy and Passion are not qualities for leaders only. As you can see from our poll, they are qualities that make talented people GREAT! You can be a funny comedian. But how many comedians have the energy and passion of Jim Carey or Robin Williams. They excel in their fields because every performance is packed with high energy and passion.

Lucille Ball was one of the most successful performers in show business. Her energy and passion displayed on the I LOVE LUCY show made this sitcom a classic for all times.

Wayne Brady is one of the hottest young stars to hit the scene. I saw him perform in Atlantic City and that show was full of RAW ENERGY and PASSION. His heart is in every performance and earned him his own morning show on a major network.

If we had to choose a mathematical formula for energy and passion you would have to consider as one choice E + P = Anthony Robbins. Go to one of his live seminars or listen to his audio tapes and I'm sure you will agree.

Lastly, who could deny that Michael Jordan has extreme energy and passion. Near middle age, he competed head on with 20 year old basketball stars. A sport that takes incredible energy. His passion and energy filled stadiums everywhere he performed.

So there you have it. Six people who displayed great energy and passion in their careers. Let us know in this week's poll, which individual you believe, BEST displays Energy and Passion when they performed? This poll will end on Sunday 09/14/03, when the results will be displayed.

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  • 33% of voters chose Robin Williams as the performer who BEST displays Energy and Passion
  • 20% of voters chose Anthony Robbins as the performer who BEST displays Energy and Passion
  • 17% of voters chose Lucille Ball the performer who BEST displayed Energy and Passion
  • 13% of voters chose Wayne Brady as the performer who BEST displays Energy and Passion
  • 10% of voters chose Jim Carey as the performer who BEST displays Energy and Passion
  • 07% of voters chose Michael Jordan as the performer who BEST displays Energy and Passion

Post-Poll Commentary:

I believe that all of the performers in our poll this week, were great examples as energetic and passionate individuals. Although one's emotions and opinions are always displayed in polls, it would be tough to find a more energetic and passionate individual than our top choice - Robin Williams in any field. He represents pure energy when he is performing. He generates so much heat in extended performances, that he drinks several bottles of water just to keep from de-hydrating. When it comes to energy and passion - he definitely HAS IT!

Keeping in mind we can all learn from others examples, it would be great to watch people of high energy and passion and learn from them. If we want to influence others to follow us, we need Energy and Passion to move them. Of course we need to develop our own style. However, it's important that we work at this development each and every day.