Strength Training

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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/28/02:

How often do you take part in a Strength Building Exercise Routine using weights or exercise machines at a home gym or fitness center?

Pre-Poll Commentary:

The third part of a good exercise program, after stretching and aerobics is strength training using free weights or weight training machines. Like the other two categories we discussed over the past two weeks, a good physical is a must before attempting weight training. Then your best bet is to join a gym and invest in your future health. A few sessions with a personal trainer is as important as joining. You need to learn how to use weights and machines properly so that you avoid common injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Don't skip this step or you could be headed for an early disaster.

The passion to return often will kick in after you start feeling good and seeing some results from your efforts. Don't give up and be a quitter. Be determined to make strength training a part of your life forever. You will age so much more gracefully and experience renewed energy in your life.

My passion is to work out for 30-45 minutes on strength training every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I alternate on lower body and upper body routines. As with all goals you set you must keep score. Keep a log and develop your own system for increasing repetition and the number of pounds you work out with. Miss a meal, but don't miss your training session. If you miss once, you will miss again and your routine and discipline will be broken.

Take our poll on this issue before Sunday 7/28/02 and then watch for the results and summary on Monday morning. Get psyched up about improving your health.


  1. 28% reported 30-60 mins/2 days
  2. 25% reported Never
  3. 22% reported 30-60 min/3 days
  4. 11% reported Once in a while
  5. 08% reported 30 min/ea wk day
  6. 06% reported 30-60 mins/wk

Post-Poll Commentary:

I found it somewhat encouraging that 28% of our respondents participated in strength exercises 3 times a week, which is an optimal routine. However, almost as many never did any strength exercises at all. As with all polls, the key is to become aware of your time and make positive adjustments to your daily schedules. All three exercise categories we discussed in the last three polls are vital to your health and well being. Take exercise seriously and you will be rewarded handsomely with more energy and a better quality of life. If you need some encouragement to get started Contact Us and we'll try to help.