Magazine Reading

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Question-Week ending Sunday 06/30/02:

How many hours per week do you invest in reading magazines for knowledge or lifestyle enhancement?

Pre Poll Commentary:

I have believed in the value of magazine reading for decades. I started reading Forbes in 1975 and believe that studying the bi-weekly profiles and articles gave me an edge over my competitors. My PC magazine collection goes back to 1985, as I always tried to take advantage of the latest computer technologies and watched the computer industry evolve. I believe that magazine reading is one piece of the learning puzzle, along with audio tapes, books, seminars and adult education courses, in your quest for lifelong learning and self improvement.

As with all our poll questions, we are trying to bring to your consciousness, lifelong activities that you can enjoy and benefit from. Magazine reading is definitely one activity worth investing in.

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  1. 46% reported 1-2 hrs/week
  2. 30% reported 3-5 hrs/week
  3. 11% reported None
  4. 07% reported 6-9 hrs/week
  5. 04% reported 10-12 hrs/week
  6. 02% reported 13 + hrs/week

Post-Poll Commentary:

Magazine reading is an inexpensive way to stay in touch with the world. You can choose which magazines and articles you read from a wide variety of topics, based on your own passions and interests. It's a great way to invest your time to learn and grow. Our poll indicates that 87% of our participants read magazines less than an hour a day. Hopefully if we take this poll a year from now, our participants will show great improvement. Most magazines have online versions on the internet for free. Read more and stay informed.