Dozen Daily Disciplines Introduction

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Question-Week ending Sunday 10/06/02:

How many of the DOZEN DAILY DISCIPLINES from the Pre-Poll Commentary do you practice EACH and EVERY day? Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In this week's poll, we will try to bring to our consciousness, how much time and effort we need to devote on our daily disciplines in life. I passionately believe that your daily disciplines will determine how much or how little you will accomplish each and every day on Planet Earth. Daily Disciplines will have a tremendous effect on how healthy, wealthy, happy and wise you will be. Daily Disciplines are like the building blocks of life. When building a skyscraper, lots of time and planning goes into its design. The blueprints contain every detail of the building and the builders must meet specific requirements to assure its success. Likewise, we all need to practice certain requirements in our life to assure our success, happiness and well being.

A dozen simple Daily Disciplines may consist of the following:

  1. Eating Healthy

  2. Daily Vitamin Supplements

  3. Working Effectively

  4. Focused Time with Loved One

  5. Focused Time with Family

  6. Daily Exercise

  7. Daily Reading For Education

  8. Daily Audio Learning

  9. Daily Financial Management

  10. Sharing With Others

  11. Time for Spirituality

  12. Healthy Sleep Habits

There are an endless number of tasks, activities and responsibilities that fill the hours of each day. But I believe that each and every day, we must plan to accomplish the above essentials. For example, if fifteen minutes a day is all we can devote to reading for education - that's OK. But do it every single day. NO EXCUSES allowed. That's 105 minutes a week or 5460 minutes a year. That meager 15 minutes amounts to 91 hours a year or 910 hours over a decade. Imagine how much more you will know in ten years by reading to learn just 15 minutes a day.

Or how about utilizing your time spent in a car. If you popped in an Audio Tape and learned something everyday during your 30 minute commute to work, imagine the wealth of knowledge you could accumulate. You may also obtain that one nugget of an idea that could change your life forever.

Or how about the discipline of focusing time every day on loving relationships? Bonds between lovers only grow stronger if realtionships are nurtured. The same holds true with your kids or parents.

In my opinion, practicing Daily Disciplines are the single most powerful ingredients in forming a happy, healthy and productive life. How many of these disciplines are you practicing?

This poll will end on Sunday 10/06/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 10/07/02.


  1. 53% reported practicing 4-6 of 12 disciplines daily
  2. 26% reported practicing 7-9 of 12 disciplines daily
  3. 16% reported practicing 2-3 of 12 disciplines daily
  4. 04% reported practicing 10-11 of 12 disciplines daily
  5. 01% reported practicing 1 of 12 disciplines daily
  6. 00% reported practicing all 12 disciplines daily

Post-Poll Commentary:

74% of our poll takers reported practicing half or less of the DOZEN DAILY DISCIPLINES. I can't stress how important it is to develop these disciplines, if you are in pursuit of a better life. They are very simple to do daily. Unfortunately, it's easier not think about this stuff, let alone do them.

To help us all grow together, we will be discussing these disciplines during our polls throughout the rest of 2002. The only way we could do more of what's good for us, is to realize where we are right now and where we would like to be by the end of 2002. You cannot develop a bunch of disciplines all at once. Just like eating a meal, you must approach developing each discipline in small bites. You must first understand what you want; keep it at a conscious level; then practice it daily for a few weeks straight. If you are up for the challenge of either reviewing the DOZEN DAILY DISCIPLINES or developing them for yourself, then participate in our polls over the weeks ahead. WE'LL HELP YOU GET EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!