Goal Planning System Objective #4 Define Obstacles to Overcome

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Question-Week ending Sunday 02/09/03:

When you have set goals in the past for yourself, to what degree were you prepared for all the obstacles you would likely face during the process of achieving your goal? Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

This week's poll is the fourth in our series of discussions on our Goal Planning System. In this poll, we will be discussing the importance of listing all the obstacles you will have to overcome, before you will be able to achieve your goal. Obstacles come in many varieties. For example after analyzing your starting point in the last exercise, you realized you have a lack of knowledge, resources or funds that has to be acquired before achieving your goal. Or perhaps you need to gain weight and strength to join the football team or lose weight to join the wrestling team. You may need to purchase a building, a truck or some equipment or perhaps hire some contractors or employees in a specialized field. There are always obstacles to achieving a goal and this is the time to think about every single one and clearly list it. By doing so you are laying the groundwork for the planning stages of overcoming each obstacle en-route to achieving your goal.

With each passing week, I believe it is now becoming crystal clear why you need to commit your goals to writing. You cannot possibly go through each of the seven stages of our Goal Planning System without lots of thinking and writing. Once you learn these skills, your life will never be the same. You will be confident to tackle larger goals and start executing your clearly defined plans with precision.

Let us know to what degree were you prepared in the past for all the obstacles you would likely face during the process of achieving your goals? This poll will end on Sunday 02/9/03. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 02/10/03.


  1. 40% answered they 70% Prepared for the obstacles ahead
  2. 37% answered they 80% Prepared for the obstacles ahead
  3. 11% answered they 90% Prepared for the obstacles ahead
  4. 07% answered they 95% Prepared for the obstacles ahead
  5. 05% answered they 60% Prepared for the obstacles ahead
  6. 00% answered they 50% Prepared for the obstacles ahead

Post-Poll Commentary:

In this week's poll, we found our respondents on average believed they were 77.15% prepared for the obstacles and challenges they would face en-route to achieving their goals.

So how can we improve that average score? It's easier than you may believe. However, it takes some quality time and a lot of thought. First think of what could possibly stop you from achieving your goal? Then as you are thinking about these obstacles - list them. When you have exhausted all the possibilities, begin thinking of strategies to overcome each obstacle and write the possible solutions down. Doing this in outline format will work best for keeping your thoughts organized.

The more time and effort you put into the planning stages, the easier it will be to execute your plan and achieve what you are setting out to accomplish.

Keep in mind that throughout these seven weeks, we are dealing with a GOAL PLANNING SYSTEM. Systems are designed to be followed step by step. You can't jump around or skip a step. You need to practice this system step by step several times, until the steps of the SYSTEM are committed to your memory like a good habit. Stay passionate about your goals and make great things happen in your life!