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Question-Week ending Sunday 09/29/02:

Describe your PASSION LEVEL for a Favorite College or Pro Football Team to contribute more excitement and happiness into your life during the Fall Season. Assuming a scale of 10 (highest) to 0 (lowest). Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Our polls are designed to analyze, discuss and plan to do more of the things that make us happy in life. Over the course of 2002, we will have touched on many different topics. Everyone is an individual and has his or her own passions and interests that compel them to invest their precious time. Many passions are seasonal or scheduled and are shared by large groups of people. For example millions of people flock to beach resorts during the summer months. The same goes for skiing in the winter or the Olympics every four years. Passions and special interests bring people together to ENJOY life more.

This week's poll will revolve around an American Passion named FOOTBALL. This sport comes in all flavors ranging from Pop Warner for kids to the NFL. It involves millions of participants every fall as well as over a 100 million spectators or fans weekly, that attend a game at stadiums, watch a game(s) on TV or listen on the radio. FANS absolutely have love affairs with their favorite football teams.

The media coverage never stops as thousands of articles are written daily about football. Some radio channels are sports talk shows that dissect football 24/7. On TV we have pre game, post game and endless analysis about College and Professional Football. TV has expanded football game coverage during the Fall Season to be broadcasted almost every day of the week. Then there are bowl games, play-off games, and championship games. Americans can't get enough of football coverage. Too much of anything is just not good.

However, although I constantly adhere to a very limited TV schedule, when it comes to Penn State Football, I must admit that I can't get enough. It's a 35-year love affair with the football team of my Alma Mater. I have so many great memories from years past and look forward to every Fall Season. I wouldn't think of missing a PSU game on TV. In an extreme case if I HAD TO MISS a game I would video tape it and watch it later, trying to avoid knowing the final result so the video tape seemed like live coverage. When your team is doing great, so are you. If they had a bad day so do you. Wow! Is this powerful stuff? During football season, your mood and attitude can be determined by a football game. But the passion of following your favorite team can bring lots of excitement and happiness to the Fall Season. But like everything in life...excess is dangerous. Let us know your Football Passion Level in this week's poll.

This poll will end on Sunday 9/29/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 9/30/02.


  1. 28% reported an EXTREME (8) passion for football
  2. 24% reported a MODERATE (6) passion for football
  3. 19% reported an UNBELIEVABLE (10) passion for football
  4. 16% reported a SOMEWHAT (4) passion for football
  5. 09% reported an INDIFFERENT (2) passion for football
  6. 04% reported having NO (0) passion for football

Post-Poll Commentary:

It looks like 47% of our respondents have quite a bit of passion regarding a favorite football team. They probably get their emotional juices flowing every Fall weekend by watching their favorite team play on TV. We also found 24% who had MODERATE passion with another 16% who voted SOMEWHAT. These two categories of respondents are probably following football because they enjoy watching but really don't care who wins. Or maybe they don't have anything better to do. Another 9% were INDIFFERENT and could care less and 4% had no interest period. I really appreciate all the answers everyone gives in our polls. They are ALL important, because they help us to compare interests and bring to our consciousness how we utilize our time. In summary, I believe that time is too PRECIOUS to be somewhat or moderately committed to anything. We should all seek out what makes us happy and invest our time in those activities. It could be fishing, opera, karate or bird-watching. If we enjoy it, be passionate and invest time participating. Never go overboard. Stay balanced. But LIVE PASSIONATELY!