Dozen Daily Disciplines 8-Invest Time on Audio Learning

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Question-Week ending Sunday 12/08/02:

Do you believe if you listened to audio tapes for education daily, you could improve the quality of your life? Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In this eighth poll of the Daily Dozen Disciplines, we will discuss how listening to audio tapes daily for education can improve the quality of your life.

Hopefully, you participated in our poll on reading daily for education last week.We discussed how gaining knowledge and skills through reading can improve the quality of your life. I strongly believe that audio tape listening is another daily discipline that should not be overlooked. Reading and audio tape learning are like a one two punch in your ongoing educational process.

From a previous poll we conducted on audio tape listening in July 2002, we learned that 67% of our respondents reported that they did not listen to audio tapes at all. That was a little disheartening. However, audio tape listening is part of our Dozen Daily Disciplines and since our audience has changed and grown in the last five months, we decided to poll with a different question this time. We are now interested if you believe that the education you gain from listening to audio tapes daily can improve your quality of life?

If you have never listened to books on audio or educational tapes before, it's kind of difficult to have a true opinion. But we are interested in what you believe, so please vote and let us know how you feel.

This poll will end on Sunday 12/08/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 12/09/02.


  1. 50% voted-Probably Yes - audio listening can improve Quality of Living

  2. 36% voted-Absolutely Yes - audio listening can improve Quality of Living

  3. 12% voted-Not Really - audio listening can improve Quality of Living

  4. 02% voted-Absolutely Not - audio listening can improve Quality of Living

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our results on Audio Listening for education this week were even more overwhelmingly positive than our reading poll last week. For me, it's easier to listen to a GREAT author or speakers present their material than to read the same material in a book. Or perhaps the author writes well and can't present very well. In that case many of them have a professional speaker or actor present their material on audio. From our poll, we seem to agree on the value of learning through audio. So what stops us from doing so?

Not to be redundant to prior polls, but we can answer the question of "why so few people actually take the time to learn by audio" by studying the following excuses:

  1. No time
  2. Too expensive
  3. Not sure what to listen to
  4. I get bored easily

My answer to these excuses are - there's not enough pleasure associated with listening and learning by audio to motivate more people to do it!

If I told a person that if they listened to audiotapes for 30 minutes each day for one year - and regardless if they learned anything or not I would pay them $1 million in cash just for not missing one day - would they be motivated? ABSOLUTELY! They would find the time. Not worry about the cost. Not care what they listened to or care if they were bored. They would be motivated by the $1 million in cash and what "PLEASURES" the cash might bring them. They would be so motivated by the money, that along the way they would probably learn quite a bit and eventually find pleasure in listening and learning.

Now back to reality. Is it possible to earn an extra million dollars by listening and learning daily? My answer is absolutely! The money may not come immediately, but if you sought knowledge daily and learned that one gem of information that could increase your value in the marketplace, you could probably earn lots more than the first million. That's what's great about America. Ordinary people become extraordinarily more valuable to the marketplace every single day. Learning how people do it through listening can push you steadily up the latter to success.

In summary, if you have no time. Find it and plan it. Everyone can squeeze out 15 minutes a day. If you think it's too expensive to learn, just think how expensive it is not to learn. If you're not sure what to listen to - check out our brief Audio Tape Reviews and search for our EXCELLENT RATING. Not sure where to purchase our suggestions? Contact Us and We'll steer you in the right direction! Think you'll get bored easily. Not if you knew you could improve your quality of life by LEARNING and listened to the RIGHT STUFF! Any more excuses? Then let's get going. The clock is ticking away.