Dozen Daily Disciplines 10-Sharing with Others

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Question-Week ending Sunday 12/22/02:

Do you believe individuals could be happier and improve their quality of life by sharing with others on a daily basis? Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In this tenth poll of the Daily Dozen Disciplines, we will discuss how sharing with others can make one a happier individual and improve their quality of life.

During our prior polls we have used the phrase "Quality of Life" many times. This phrase can be interpreted in numerous ways by different individuals. It's kind of a customized phrase that takes on a special meaning according to who and where you are in your life. It means something different to a college student verses a retired individual. It means something different to an American verses a citizen of a third world country with an oppressive government. But for our poll purposes, let's define "Quality of Life" in the following general terms as:

  • Achieving a sense of Inner Peace
  • Achieving higher self esteem
  • Achieving loving and caring relationships
  • Achieving a feeling of financial security
  • Feeling good about who you are and what you do

We could extend this list further, but it's not necessary for this discussion.

I believe that sharing what you know and what you have with others can help you realize the definitions above. However, the process is not always easy.

The process of sharing is not something you do once. It's something you do every single day without realizing it. Sharing is something you continue to do for others even after you have been disappointed by the reactions of many recipients. Sharing is something you do unconditionally, without the expectation of receiving anything in return from the recipients. However, you will probably find that the more you share, the more abundance somehow comes back to you in some other way. Sharing can neatly be summed up by the mantra coined by Zig Zigler:

"You Can Get Whatever You Want In Life, If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."

Sharing can start at any time. Some of the biggest misers have become some the greatest sharers. However, be advised that sharing is not just about giving money or assets to a charity or church. It's about sharing your time, ideas, wisdom and resources to help others to enjoy a better "Quality of Life" that is described above. By helping others, you will indirectly be helping yourself. The process is very powerful. I live the process everyday. is just one way for me to share unconditionally, with a multitude of caring people. If you believe in the philosophy described here and you're in a sharing mood right now, you can easily e-mail this poll to all your caring friends and relatives by clicking on the e-mail icon below. What a wonderful world this would be if we all shared more of what we know and what we have with others - unconditionally!

Let us know how you feel in this week's poll. This poll will end on Sunday 12/22/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 12/23/02.


  1. 54% voted-Absolutely Yes - can improve QOL by sharing daily

  2. 45% voted-Probably Yes - can improve QOL by sharing daily

  3. 01% voted-Not Really - can't improve QOL by sharing daily

  4. 00% voted-Absolutely Not - can't improve QOL by sharing daily

Post-Poll Commentary:

Once again we have a near unanimous vote that sharing daily can improve your Quality of Life as described above in the commentary. 54% answered Absolutely Yes while 45% answered Probably Yes. Only 1% even had any doubt that sharing works.

I believe that it's almost instinctive for people to "want to share." However, I also believe that too few people do so. Talk and action can reside miles apart from each other. An individual may spend $45 on a carton of cigarettes or $50 on lottery tickets, yet give a dollar in the church collection basket. Sharing involves some sacrifice. Percentages count. Sharing involves giving up some of your valuable time, resources, material objects or money to help benefit others unconditionally. There's can be lots of personal satisfaction gained from a sincere act of sharing with others.

Sharing is also a very personal act. Everyone can do it in their own way. The object is to do it often, daily if possible and make it part of your mission in life. Only then can you truly grow and improve your Quality of Life.