Music Listening

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Question-Week ending Sunday 08/04/02:

How much time do you invest each week listening to the different types of music that you enjoy?

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Music is a catalyst that can change the way you think and feel in an instant. Here are some examples:

  • 1--Listening to oldies from different periods of your life can trigger some of your best memories.
  • 2--Dancing to different types of music can change your moods instantly
  • 3--Listening to Classical Music from the Baroque Period while you read or study can increase your ability to concentrate and retain the material you are reading.
  • 4--Music is composed for all occasions such as weddings, parties, nightclubs, holidays, funerals, worship services and patriotic events. Your mood changes considerably with each type of music played.

There are scores of examples we could use, illustrating how important music can be in changing the way we feel and act. Thus, in our quest for happiness, we should search for the types of music that we love and plan to listen to each type of music that makes us feel good often. Make the time to do the things you enjoy. Plan, plan, plan! Then execute each plan.

Take our poll on this issue before Sunday 8/04/02 and then watch for the results and summary on Monday morning. Get psyched up about bringing more music that you enjoy into your life.


  • 1--39% reported listening to music 4-5 hours/week
  • 2--24% reported None - No Time to listen to music
  • 3--21% reported listening to music 6 + hours/week
  • 4--12% reported listening to music 2-3 hours/week
  • 5--08% reported listening to music 1 hour/week

Post-Poll Commentary:

From our results I would like to hypothesize that our top vote was posted by driving commuters. Listening to music on their car radio, tape or CD player is a distinct possibility here. The second vote score was None at 24%. That's not good, based on our assumption that you can derive lots of happiness and pleasure by listening to different types of music you enjoy. The third vote score of 6 + hours obviously comes from the true music lovers.

Making a conscious effort to learn what music you really like and then plan what and when to listen, is the key here. Listening to the radio leaves too much to chance. You are at the mercy of the disc jockey. Experience a variety of music and then choose what you love and make a conscious effort to listen often.