Aerobic Training

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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/21/02:

How often do you take part in an Aerobic Exercise Routine such as power walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling or aerobic dancing to maintain better health?

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Aerobic Exercises are an important part of your total fitness program. There are so many different exercises in this category that can meet your needs to burn excess calories and strengthen vital organs like your heart and lungs. You should always have a complete physical examination before beginning any aerobic exercise routine.

My passion is to walk and swim daily. Once you find and grow to enjoy whatever routine you choose, it will becomes a passion in your life. Setting goals for yourself and keeping score can also help to motivate you daily and give you a reason not to miss your routine. As an example I set a long term (25 year) goal to walk around the world (24901 miles). That's about 1000 miles a year or 83 miles a month or 3 miles a day. That is very achievable and gives me a reason not to let up or quit. I am right on target to achieve my goal by March 2020. I've told enough people about my goal that I wouldn't dare and miss it. Just my own touch of motivation to keep me healthy and fit.

If you don't have a passion, then start one. Figure out a way to motivate yourself to stay healthy and strong and enjoy a happier life.

Take our poll on this issue before Sunday and then watch for the results and summary on Monday morning. Get psyched up about improving your health.


  1. 31% reported 30 min/day
  2. 29% reported once in a while
  3. 19% reported 30 min/2 days
  4. 17% reported never
  5. 05% reported 30 min/week

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our top vote for this poll was 31% choosing 30 minutes a day. This is great news for those participants. The 29% choosing once in a while at least show they think about aerobic exercise but need to plan and execute a steady routine. Good habits mean everything in life. If there's one person you never want to let down, it's yourself. Find the time right now to plan your exercise program. Speaking from my own experience, making the time to plan and execute my disciplined exercise routines were a monumental decision in my life. If you need some me!