Audio Tapes

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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/07/02:

Audio Casette listening can be a great source for enhancing your knowledge, skills and happiness. How many hours per month do you invest in listening to audio casettes?

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Audio Tapes can be used as a lifelong opportunity to learn, during time intervals in your life that would otherwise be wasted. Through the years, during my commutes to work each day and during my daily walks seven days a week, I was able to transform over 3100 hours of time into a tremendous learning experience. I was very methodical in purchasing audio tapes regularly on a wide variety of topics that interested me.

I started with one tape in my library at age 44 and now have over 2000, cataloged in a database and neatly organized. This discipline enabled me to learn each and every day and build not only a great knowledge base, but an incredible degree of self esteem. You can do the same. You just have to get started NOW, and start reaping the benefits for the rest of your lifetime.

Take our poll on this issue before Sunday and then watch for the results and summary on Monday morning. Get psyched up learning and enjoying more about life through audio tape learning.


  1. 67% reported None
  2. 18% reported 1-2 hrs/month
  3. 08% reported 3-5 hrs/month
  4. 04% reported 6-9 hrs/month
  5. 02% reported 10-15 hrs/month
  6. 01% reported 16 + hrs/month

Post-Poll Commentary:

This was a very disappointing poll for me to report on. Being an avid audio tape buff, I was hoping to see more time being spent learning from audio tapes. But the results are all about habits. Over the past 8 years, not even one month went by that I did not listen to at least 30 hours of audio tapes. That's only one hour per day. The return on your time can be incredible. Don't sell yourself short. Start listening today.