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Question-Week ending Sunday 09/15/02:

How often do you take photographs or video's of the happy activities of you and your family, to preserve the memories for years of enjoyment? Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary above before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

To paraphrase the words of Jim Rohn "the most valuable gifts to leave behind to your family are your photographs, your journals, and your library." Many of my readers can identify with these words of wisdom. Thus, in this week's poll, we will try to bring to your consciousness the first of these great gifts: taking photographs to document the great times of your life.

This activity will get lost in the shuffle of a busy life, if you don't think about it often enough. Usually when you are dating, just get married or have your first baby you can't seem to take enough photographs. Then you get caught up in life's vacuum and you take less and less photo's each year. If it's not a huge occasion or holiday you don't even bother. Well, we are going to try and reverse that trend by making you more aware of the GREAT VALUE photographs can have, in bringing joy into your life.

We just bought our first digital camera and are novices. The camera weighs 6 ounces and can get lost in your pants pocket. You can take over 100 shots and view them instantly. Delete what you don't like and upload what you do to your computer to view. You can e-mail your pictures instantly and even download the file to be printed professionally and mailed back to you. With all this convenience, why not shoot more pictures and create joy and happiness for generations? We are committing to do so and hope you will too. But for now, let's find out where our readers stand regarding their photo taking.

This poll will end on Sunday 9/15/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 9/16/02.


  1. 35% reported taking photo's/movies only on Holidays
  2. 26% reported taking photo's/movies every 6 months
  3. 21% reported taking photo's/movies every 3 months
  4. 19% reported taking photo's/movies every month
  5. 00% reported taking photo's/movies every week
  6. 00% reported taking photo's/movies Never

Post-Poll Commentary:

From our results, we can detect that most of us are taking too few pictures. I was a little surprised that not even one person answered once a week. I guess there weren't any newlyweds or first time parents that voted. I know that this poll gave me the incentive to try and be unique by being the individual who takes some pictures every week with my new digital camera. I would like to set an example for all our readers, and challenge you to do the same. You'll thank me in the future when you and your family have lots of pictures and memories to look back on. Let's not be lazy. Snap those cameras and have more fun in life!