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There is something special about getting dressed up, going out for a nice dinner, to be followed by a great performance at the Theatre. The singing, dancing, and acting of theatre professionals is magical. They work so hard to please their audiences and you walk away feeling "truly entertained." Whether on Broadway or in a major city near home, a great live performance can be a wonderful experience.

Watching movies can be a great source of fun. So can learning about the actors and their quest for success.

The sites below can provide you with incredible information about those in the Movie or TV business. Have Fun!

Music can be such a wonderful part of your entertainment and enjoyment in life. The Internet can be a fantastic tool and resource for researching and learning about your favorite types of music. In this section, we will present websites that offer the oppotunity to learn about and enjoy one of the greatest of all past-times....MUSIC!

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Good Health is the most important contributor to a "Happy Life." When you feel great, you are able to enjoy high energy and a positive attitude. This section contains links to health-related websites that contain beneficial information to your overall well-being.

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Your home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make to add happiness, comfort and security for you and your family. For most Americans, their home consists of between 70-90% of their net worth. Below are some resources to help you accomplish tasks that relate to your home.

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Personal Computing plays an integral part in our lives today. It's no longer just a productivity tool to get work done more efficiently. Personal Computers are interwoven into our social culture. E-Mail was the killer application that made this happen. This section was set up to make it easy to find the websites and resources you might need in order to enhance your personal computing expertise. Knowledge creates happiness.

Accumulating and spending money can be a great source of happiness. However, growing your net worth and making the right financial decisions is no easy task in the complicated world that we live in. We need all the help that we can get. The Internet contains some very good websites that make understanding and managing your finances easier. If you have a suggestion on a super site that relates to Finance, please