Enjoying Music

Music can be such a wonderful part of your entertainment and enjoyment in life. The Internet can be a fantastic tool and resource for researching and learning about your favorite types of music. In this section, we will present websites that offer the oppotunity to learn about and enjoy one of the greatest of all past-times....MUSIC!

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A classical music website with news, reviews, interviews, competitions and more.

Very large download site for Classical, Jazz & Blues, World Music.

In its over 20-year history, the Chopin Foundation has made significant contributions to the career development of many young American pianists through activities such as the annual Chopin Festival and through special scholarships and awards, but especially through the National Chopin Piano Competition.

WCPE.org – A classical music radio station that streams audio over the internet 24 hrs. a day. Also has composer biographies, facts and trivia.

Classical Archives – Features biographies and music of many classical composers such as Chopin, Mozart, and more.

Classic Cat – This a free Classical mp3 catalog.

Classical MIDI Connection – MIDI for the Classical music enthusiast.

Classical Music Navigator – Find and compare the Classical Composers.

The Mozart Project – The life, times, and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Visit the official site of the Academy of Country Music.

Find the latest nominees for the Country Music Awards.

Find your favorite country music stars online, news, reviews, web sites, fan sites and much more.

Visit Great American Country for all the latest country music news and information.

Country Music Hall of Fame See the legends of country music.

Goodwin Music – Contains lyrics and chords to many country music songs. Listed by artist.

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Easy Listening & Pop
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Find and buy tickets to music and theater events.

Find concerts and purchase tickets through Live Nation.

Meetup.com helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face.

Keep track of concert tour dates at Pollstar.

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This site contains reviews, articles, forums, and more.

This site streams jazz music over the Internet.

InterJazz provides design and hosting services to well established clubs, musicians, record labels, managements, agents, instrument rental companies and more.

Lots of information on this site, ranging from Timelines to online piano lessons.

Check out this print publication online.

Red Hot Jazz Archive - Interesting site about the history of jazz, concentrating on the early 1900's. Detailed info.

JazzWorld.com - JazzWorld is a community with a wealth of services for the jazz world. You can do everything from manufacturing your next CD to booking a flight for your next gig.

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Oldies Music - Includes history, trivia, charts, records and more of oldies music.

Oldies Calendar - See what happened "this week" in the history of music in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

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Opera America is an organization that supports the presentation and enjoyment of opera.

Search for Opera singers, links, and houses.

Opera Kids - A great Opera resource for kids.

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Listen to mp3's on the iTunes software or download them to your iPod.

Purchase your favorite songs from Yahoo! Music.

Check out the latest music rankings, album charts, and music news.

This site contains a music guide and an artist search with detailed info. Links to artists websites and cd's/merchandise available.

A great resource for finding lyrics to most songs; searchable by artist.

A huge music resource with over 400,000 songs available for free download, or to play on your computer.

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Rock & Roll
As a participant in a Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp, you'll be treated like a rock star for five days and nights. You'll live the rock n' roll lifestyle day in and day out, learning or perfecting your knowledge of an instrument, practicing and jamming with your band mates and learning the ins and outs of the music business - all in the company of some of music's brightest stars.

Website for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Read about the legends, songs, and events of rock.

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