Time Management Benefits 2-Self Knowledge

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Question-Week ending Sunday 03/30/03:

Please describe how you regard the need for "Self Knowledge" today and in the competitive future ahead of us. Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

I hope that you agree with me that Self Knowledge is no longer a luxury for the highly motivated, but is now a necessity to survive in the competitive world we live in. Information and technology changes the way we do things on a daily basis. Our knowledge and skills of last year can become irrelevant this year. Thus, it is everyone's critical responsibility to use Good Time Management to set time aside to educate themselves, or take the risk of becoming yesterday's news.

Last year we conducted some polls, searching into different areas of self education and discovered that time and desire are two factors that kept people from increasing their knowledge and skills. From our poll on audio tape listening, we learned that far too few people take advantage of this great method of increasing self knowledge. The number one excuse for not doing so is always "I just don't have the time." The same results held true regarding our poll on reading magazines for knowledge and lifestyle enhancement. People complain that they just don't have the time. Yet our TV viewing displayed that there is always ample time for this activity. Why is this so?

The answer is directly related to the absence of a plan or a Time Management System. Television fills all the unplanned gaps in our day. It's easy to sit back and relax in front of the TV, or perhaps just doze off and then ruin a good night's sleep. If everyone had pre-planned what they were going to do each night, hours would not be wasted in front of the tube.

When there is a parent-teacher night at your child's school, it's a planned night away from the TV. Well, why not plan to read a book, magazine or listen to a tape. Put it into your PIM. Make it a priority appointment that you will keep. Then plan 30 or 60 minutes to watch only your favorite TV shows instead of wasting the whole night away.

The point here is that everyone can MAKE the time to increase their self knowledge, if they know and experience the benefits. The choices are all up to you.

In this week's poll please describe how you regard the need for "Self Knowledge" today and in the competitive future ahead of us. This poll will end on Sunday 03/30/03, when the results will be displayed.


  1. 63% voted- Self Knowledge is Absolutely Essential today
  2. 34% voted- Self Knowledge is Very Important today
  3. 03% voted- Self Knowledge is Important today
  4. 00% voted- Self Knowledge is Not Very Important today
  5. 00% voted- Self Knowledge is Not Necessary today
  6. 00% voted- Self Knowledge is A Waste of Time

Post-Poll Commentary:

The results of this poll suggest that our respondents have a consensus opinion about the need to increase One's Self Knowledge. In the last few years, we have watched many of our top corporations shift professional job positions overseas to emerging countries. With all corporations looking to cut costs in order to satisfy their demanding quarterly results, hundreds of thousands of science, engineering as well as backroom service jobs have gone to the citizens of Asia and India. The compensation levels are mere fractions of what they are in the United States.

I believe that American workers need to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to become as valuable as possible to their companies. They need to be flexible enough to change careers or even consider becoming an entrepreneur if necessary later in life. Studying ones options and learning new skills takes dedicated time to do so. If one does not plan specific times in their weekly schedule for self education and learning new skills, disappointments in the work place can be devastating.

In summary, let's look at some of the benefits for Self Knowledge:

  • Adding to your value as an associate in your company
  • Possible advancement and increased compensation
  • Peace of Mind gained by knowing you are prepared for change
  • Higher self esteem associated with being more knowledgeable

There are many more obvious benefits to continually educate yourself throughout your lifetime. But as with all worthy activities, you need to plan the time and take continuous action to execute your plan. Make your time work for you and pay you big dividends in the future. Strive to be a good planner and time manager.