Nurturing Relationship

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Question-Week ending Sunday 08/11/02:

According to which role you are playing, describe how you feel about the time you invest each week nurturing your relationship with your parents or children? Please read this weeks Commentary before answering.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Most people are aware of the fact that you can experience lots of happiness in life by sharing a loving relationship with your family members. However, a loving relationship MUST be nurtured by all parties involved. It doesn't happen by accident. If you stop feeding any living organism, it cannot survive. The same holds true with human relationships. Nurturing takes time and effort. It takes someone to initiate an action such as a phone call or visit. Or perhaps start a conversation with your child or parent that you live with.

How much time and effort do you devote to nurturing your relationship with you parent or child? Do you make an effort to find out what significant things are happening in their life? Or are you too busy for this kind of chatter and then wonder why there is a disconnect with your loved ones?

This weeks poll strikes at the heart of some of the most important questions in Modern American Culture. Are we too busy for loving relationships that can make our lives happier? Did we stop communicating with or guiding our sons or daughters because they now live 500 miles away? Do we talk less with our adolescents and children in their twenties because there's a huge generation gap? Did we disconnect with our parents because we are just too busy raising our own families? If loving relationships can bring more happiness into our lives, why not invest more time nurturing them?

Take our poll on this issue before Sunday 8/11/02 and then watch for the results and summary on Monday morning. Bring more happiness into your life by planning more time to nurture relationships.


  1. 56% reported they must invest more time
  2. 21% reported they invest too little time
  3. 21% reported they invest enough time
  4. 05% reported they don't invest any time

Post-Poll Commentary:

It's clear from our results, that 77% of our participants believe they need to invest MORE TIME nurturing relationships with their parents and children. If this is the case, WHY NOT START TODAY. We only get one turn at the game of life on planet earth. Why not make it the best it can be. Make a conscious effort to steal time from less worthwhile activities and invest it into nurturing relationships with those you love. TV time is one area to steal time from for more worthwhile activities and is the topic of the next poll.