Time Management Benefits 4-More Loving Relationships

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Question-Week ending Sunday 04/13/03:

Regardless of your current circumstances, please describe how you VALUE loving relationships in your life. Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Being involved in Loving Relationships in modern society is becoming as tough as trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. Like that fish, loving relationships seem to slip away from our grip. In too many cases, one's time is devoted to so many other activities that just seem to be more important. Divorce rates over the last three decades are up significantly and "truly loving relationships" seem to be getting rare. So what's going on?

When you speak to people today, everyone seems to want a loving relationship in their life. When you are dating, you do all you can be attractive, fun loving and interesting. You go out to nice places and are on your best behavior. Then after a while, whether married or not, the excitement sort of dwindles down. Less fun time is spent together and the love in a relationship dwindles as well. The question is, does it have to be this way?

I say a resounding NO. Of course there will always be differences of opinions in relationships. But the "love part" of the relationship must be nourished and fed like a flower or plant. Time must be planned and invested doing things together and enjoying each other's company. Life can't be all work and family responsibilities 24/7.

One of the greatest benefits of good time management is planning specific time each week to nurture a loving relationship. If you are truly a human being, you probably want to love and be loved. We have taken a poll in the past titled FOCUSING TIME WITH A LOVED ONE. You may want to review the results now.

In this week's poll, regardless of your current circumstances, please describe how you VALUE loving relationships in your life. This poll will end on Sunday 04/13/03, when the results will be displayed.


  1. 41% described Loving Relationship as being 2nd to oxygen
  2. 36% described Loving Relationship as being 2nd to career
  3. 12% described Loving Relationship as being 2nd to money
  4. 09% described Loving Relationship as 3rd to career & money
  5. 01% described Loving Relationship as just being convenient
  6. 01% described Loving Relationship as not really important

Post-Poll Commentary:

Based on our poll results, 41% and considerably less than half of our respondents, described a Loving Relationship as a top priority. I contend that poor time management is a contributing factor to this fact.

A Loving Relationship can be viewed as an impossible dream for many people who are totally devoted to their careers. I am not saying these career people are wrong in their thinking. Everyone is different and their values are neither right nor wrong, but are instead their own individual values.

However, my contention remains that if you are seeking a great relationship with a significant other, you must PLAN TIME to NURTURE that relationship. Weekends away, mini-vacations, movie and dinner or any type of activity you can do TOGETHER. Not just when you are dating, but after being together for 20, 30 or 50 years. Relationships need to stay as fresh as baked bread out of the oven. Aromatically pleasant and enjoyable. Setting aside quality time together will pay huge dividends for life. I am speaking from first hand experience and not presenting theories from a textbook. It's never to late in life to turn a new leaf and plan time with your loved one, then enjoying the benefits of your excellent time management.