Learning About Our Polls

eHappyLife POLLS were designed to give Participants a chance to compare their FEELINGS AND OPINIONS with other CARING participants who participated in our polls. We had no idea who was voting, however the sample kept growing and growing every week. The results on all the Weekly Polls were tabulated and presented in this section each Sunday between June 30, 2002 and August 22, 2004. A Pre-Poll Commentary, and a Post-Poll Commentary was written each week to inspire our participants to take part, with a touch of learning more about practicing good fundamentals and reading about the thoughts and habits of others. These polls were quoted and published for years by other websites and many educators.

Reading our polls is a great way to step back in history to review the thoughts and feelings of people around the world between June 30, 2002 and August 22, 2004. the polls can serve as a great learning tool for those who were not even born during that period in history. We hope you enjoy the content!