Dozen Daily Disciplines 3-Working Effectively

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Question-Week ending Sunday 11/03/02:

Please gage how much "EFFECTIVE EFFORT" you put forth toward your job or work, that creates the income for your living expenses. Use the following scale to vote: A-Extreme=100%; B-Positive=90%; C-Moderate=75%; D-Weak=65%; E-Don't care=50%; F-Hate work=less than 50%. Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In this third poll of the Daily Dozen Disciplines, we will discuss why it is so important to work effectively, giving 100% effort at all times. I believe that this discipline is taught early to children by the examples set by their parents. If Mom or Dad are always bragging about how they skate through their days at work giving minimal effort at their jobs, what impression will this leave on the kids? How do you think they will feel about giving 100% effort to their schoolwork? Then at their own jobs?

However, if children are brought up by parents with a good work ethic, who give 100% effort while working at their jobs, a positive example will be made. Positive examples lead to positive values being passed down to the next generation. Kids are starving for GOOD role models today and parents need to set their standards high when it comes to their work ethic. The by-product of a good work ethic for the parents will be better compensation for their own work. People who work effectively, giving 100% effort, usually earn the highest incomes.

I have invested hundreds of hours listening to 300 + audio tapes and reading numerous books and articles on the biographies of successful people throughout history. In almost every case, those individuals that achieved tremendous success in their fields, put forth 100% effort while performing their work. They ran into tough obstacles and setbacks often, but never wavered when it came to effort and effectiveness.

Just for the record, I want to stress as I stated above, that my 100% effort formula applies to "while performing their work"! I am NOT saying here that one should devote 100% effort "only to work" to be successful. That is the sure way to achieve success at work and divorce and misery at home. As always, BALANCE is always THE BEST and only formula to follow in all aspects of life. However, while at work, find the best ways to perform your job effectively and give your employer or your business a full days work with 100% EFFORT for a full days compensation. If you are in a job or business that you dislike, then obtain the skills at night or on weekends to do something else. But never give less than 100% effort at your job.

Let us know what degree of effort you are presently devoting at your work by taking our poll. This may bring to your consciousness the need to change your profession in the near future or perhaps give more effort when performing your present work. Be the best you can at all you attempt to do. BE PASSIONATE!

This poll will end on Sunday 11/03/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 11/04/02.


  1. 35% reported exercising Positive-90% effort toward work
  2. 31% reported exercising Moderate-75% effort toward work
  3. 18% reported exercising Extreme-100% effort toward work
  4. 09% reported exercising Weak-65% effort toward work
  5. 04% reported Not caring-50%effort toward work
  6. 03% reported Hating their job-Less than 50% effort

Post-Poll Commentary:

It is often said that Americans in general work very hard. They "put in" long hours and often place the responsibilities of work before those of family or relationships. However there is a world of difference between working hard and working effectively. To work effectively you need to learn the skills and techniques used by the best in your field. You need to plan well and make it a priority at work to execute your plans flawlessly. No one is perfect, but excellence must always be ones goal at work. By working effectively, you'll get more accomplished during work hours and make it a PRIORITY to GET HOME and nurture those relationships with your loved ones. Workers with happy home lives are always more effective at their jobs. They're not preoccupied with lots of baggage at home.

From our poll results, we find that 84% of our respondents believe that they exercise a 75% effort or more. While only 7% gave 50% or less effective effort at work. It's important to recognize your attitude and effort toward work and make positive changes now. There is no time to waste. Life is too short. Always strive to learn more and strive to constantly improve your skills in all that you do. Always enjoy the journey of improving your life and don't put off the actions necessary to do so. Get going right now!