Dozen Daily Disciplines 11-Invest Time on Spirituality

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Question-Week ending Sunday 12/29/02:

Do you believe individuals could be happier and improve their quality of life by engaging in spiritual thoughts on a daily basis? Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In this eleventh poll of the Daily Dozen Disciplines, we will discuss how making time for spirituality can improve one's quality of life.

We will begin by reiterating our meaning of "Quality of Life" as used in the commentary of last weeks poll. For our poll purposes, we defined "Quality of Life" in the following general terms as:

  • Achieving a sense of Inner Peace
  • Achieving higher self esteem
  • Achieving loving and caring relationships
  • Achieving a feeling of financial security
  • Feeling good about who you are and what you do

Spirituality is a very personal part of one's being. However, as individual as it may be to each person, we tend to believe in fundamentals of a spiritual nature as a group or religion. The dictionary defines spirituality as a "sensitivity or attachment to religious values." The word "values" is probably the most important part of the definition. Our values have a great influence on how we think, act, and make choices each day. Our values influence what we consider good or evil.

There are so many organized religions in this world. Most religions serve the purpose of laying out the ground rules for acceptable behavior for the good of mankind. There are also some so called religions that don't serve mankind very well. For the purposes of this poll, we will try to focus on those that promote good values.

Can making time for some moments of spiritual thought daily, strengthen one's character and resolve to face the challenges of life head on? Can one's quality of life get better from the strength gained from their spiritual life? Let us know how you feel about spirituality in this week's poll. This poll will end on Sunday 12/29/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 12/30/02.


  1. 58% voted-Absolutely Yes - spirituality can improve Quality of Life

  2. 39% voted-Probably Yes - spirituality can improve Quality of Life

  3. 03% voted-Not Really - spirituality cannot improve Quality of Life

  4. 00% voted-Absolutely Not - spirituality cannot improve Quality of Life

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our poll produced an overwhelming combined 97% vote from our respondents, who believed that spiritual thoughts can have a positive impact and improve one's quality of life.

Now I do realize that the people who come to and take our polls may not represent the typical individual that resides on planet earth. Our audience is skewed toward middle age viewers who have a better appreciation toward good values. . Our viewers are more likely to practice spirituality in their lives than younger adults still searching for tangible evidence that a spiritual world even exists.

Regardless, I am happy to produce the results of this poll. Especially since spirituality has played such a major role in my life. From a small child I have always been able to have a happy connection and draw a great deal of strength through my spiritual thoughts. No one ever had to force me to think as I did. My actions were always voluntary. Even as a college student living away from home, I always attended Sunday Church Services alone each week. I did so because it made me feel good to have the discipline to do so. I always felt great after investing that one hour of prayer weekly as I connected with my spiritual world. To this day, I continue the same practice. I also connect spiritually on a daily basis, even if it's for a few moments a few times a day. I sincerely believe this connection greatly improves my quality of life.

This world has so many negative vibes going through the air. Spirituality can serve as a huge positive force to help you face the negative surrounding us. We should not let what goes on in the institutions of religion ever deter us from being spiritual. As stated above in the Commentary, spirituality is a very personal part of one's being. It's a relationship between you and your creator. Don't let any of the interference with the outside world ever disturb that relationship. Hope you enjoy a life full of spirituality and love.