The Qualities Of Leadership 1-Honesty

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Question-Week ending Sunday 09/07/03:

Judging from the Leaders that influence your life and well being - choose the most important quality you think they should possess? Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

I would like to begin this Pre-Poll Commentary with a quality that doesn't appear on the list below. I must have forgotten about it last week when I compiled the list. The quality I speak of is Commitment. I speak of this quality, because it's appropriate at this instant as I am writing this weekly poll. You see, it's Sunday August 31st and Labor Day Weekend. Most people on the East and West Coasts of the United States have made a pilgrimage to beaches to spend their holiday weekend. It's the last UN-official weekend of the Summer.

As most people are frolicking on the beach, I am investing about 3-4 hours at my laptop completing last week's poll and creating this poll for my website. I do that every single Sunday, rain-shine-holiday-or whatever else can come to mind to deter me. I do it because I am Committed to a labor of love. No one pays me. About 6 billion people could care less if I write this poll or not. But there are lots of people who tune in to this website each week for some inspiration and knowledge. Those are the ones I'm committed to. Those are the people I will not let down. That said, commitment to what you do, is one of the most powerful forces in accomplishment and achievement. Thus, a bonus subject for this week's poll.

Now let's move on to this week's topic and as you may have noticed last week, Honesty was at the top of MY list. It is surely not at the top of every leader's list. In fact, there are too many leaders that don't even know what Honesty means. Pity for them and those that "choose to" or "have to" follow these leaders! Imagine what a great place our world would be if everyone made honesty their number one priority in life?

Looking back at my own experiences, I was fortunate to spend two thirds of my career (around 20+ years) as the owner and leader of a business employing approximately 400 people. I learned from my own example, that Honesty was the number one quality that helped me distinguish myself from the crowd. Doing what you say you will do - on time and without excuse - is the quickest way to build respect and rapport with employees, clients, vendors, banks and virtually everyone you come in contact with. Telling people the truth when you interact with them, even in the toughest situations, is how you build self esteem and respect for yourself.

That's why Honesty is at the top of my list for Leadership Qualities. Let us know in this week's poll, the number one quality you think a leader should possess? This poll will end on Sunday 09/07/03, when the results will be displayed.

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  • 64% of voters chose Honesty as the most important quality leaders should possess
  • 16% of voters chose Passionate as the most important quality leaders should possess
  • 14% of voters chose Responsible as the most important quality leaders should possess
  • 04% of voters chose Compassionate as the most important quality leaders should possess
  • 02% of voters chose Great Communicator as the most important quality leaders should possess
  • 00% of voters chose Great Listener as the most important quality leaders should possess

Post-Poll Commentary:

While all six qualities in this poll are important leadership qualities, our voters overwhelmingly chose Honesty as THE MOST important. I could not agree more. Honesty sets the stage for all other qualities to fall in place.

People want and need to believe in their leaders. Imagine how terrible it would be if our military forces did not trust their immediate commanders who put their lives in harms way. Or think of the firefighter who can't trust his captain that just instructed him to risk his life to save another.

From small children, most of us trust the most important leaders in our lives - our parents. Imagine the horrible day it must be, if one finds out that their parents cannot be trusted. Or perhaps we learn that our favorite teacher, preacher or coach has lied and mislead us. These are all bad days in our lives.

Thus as the say goes "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY." For leaders to be effective in achieving their goals, it's best to be HONEST at all times. Of course, being honest alone, does not make a great leader. There are many other qualities necessary. In our next poll, we will discuss into the importance of Energy and Passion.