Positive Moods and Emotions 30-Trust

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Question-Week ending Sunday 08/22/04:

Which political leader do you TRUST the MOST today? Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Our 30th and FINAL keyword in our FINAL POLL SERIES on moods and emotions is TRUST. For the purpose of this poll we will describe TRUST as "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something."

This poll will represent our 111th and FINAL WEEKLY POLL to be conducted until some future date. We have spanned many topics in several different Poll Series since April of 2002. It's been a great run - producing these polls each Sunday. I have attempted to share and inspire my visitors to contemplate many areas of life. However, I believe that every idea has a life span and it's time to shelve the poll section at eHappyLife for a while.

We will be replacing this weekly forum with a new section called Learning Life's Lessons. In this section we will share lessons learned from many different life experiences, which you may be able to identify with. We hope you enjoy this new section - written on Sundays, in place of our Weekly Polls.

Now on to our topic this week on Trust. It's probably quite fitting to end our polls on the word TRUST. This is such a powerful word! It can change the lives of individuals, families, communities, states, countries, cultures and the world at large.

I believe that nearly everyone has a desire to TRUST others. Just to mention a few - we want to trust our parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, lovers, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, employers, religious and government leaders. However, it seems like we are bombarded by the media with acts of distrust every single day. It just seems to make a good news show - to unveil how dishonest and distrustful all of the above can be.

Are we setting ourselves up to live in a world where the word trust will cease to have any meaning? According to our meaning above - can we be assured and rely on the character, ability, strength, or truth of those we place our faith in?

Let us know how you feel in this week's poll regarding your TRUST level toward your political leaders today. This final poll will end on Sunday 08/22/04, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 35% of voters chose "Colin Powell" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?
  2. 29% of voters chose "George W Bush" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?
  3. 20% of voters chose "John Edwards" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?
  4. 10% of voters chose "Donald Rumsfeld" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?
  5. 06% of voters chose "John Kerry" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?
  6. 00% of voters chose "Dick Cheney" as the political leader on our list that they TRUST the MOST today?

Post-Poll Commentary:

Over one third of our respondents chose Colin Powell, as their number one choice of leaders they trust MOST today. The leader with the least votes was Dick Cheney with zero votes. This poll reveals a little about the scrutiny top officials face from the media in general either on their way to a top post or while they are there. Colin Powell scored better than the combined votes of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates of both parties. Very interesting!

It can take years to build a reputation of "BEING A TRUSTWORTHY INDIVIDUAL!" After investing years in that long building process, it can take one bad choice with the accompanied publicity to destroy that reputation. Thus, all choices in life should be made wisely.

It's human to make errors in judgment. As an example of the above paragraph - take Martha Stewart's bad choice plus the accompanied publicity. It changed the whole course of her life. She went from a Trusted, Successful Individual to a Criminal - with one bad choice. There's a lot to be learned from her experiences. Trust - is never to be taken lightly. Wavering can be hazardous to your health, wealth and future.

In conclusion to this poll series, I would like to thank all those that took part in one or many of the 111 Polls we have conducted. Hopefully we all found some benefits and wisdom regarding life's challenges. Stay tuned for our new weekly articles called Learning Life's Lessons. We hope to share even more wisdom regarding everyday experiences and challenges en-route to a happier and more fulfilling life.