Positive Moods and Emotions 29-Satisfaction

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Question-Week ending Sunday 08/15/04:

Based on our Pre-Poll Commentary, what level of SATISFACTION do you experience, regarding your life every day? Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Our 29th keyword in our poll series on moods and emotions is SATISFACTION. For the purpose of this poll we will describe SATISFACTION as "the feeling of contentment derived from fulfilling a desire, need or appetite."

Everyday we are searching for SATISFACTION in our lives. By our definition above - we are always looking for contentment associated from fulfilling our desires or needs.

We want to be satisfied by the purchases we make; by the feelings of fulfillment from our jobs; our relationships; the food we eat; the services we provide to others; etc. There's no end to the satisfaction we seek from so many different sources.

So the question of the week is "can we ever "REALLY BE SATISFIED?" Or is satisfaction simply a temporary state of mind lasting a very short time span?

Should we savor in the satisfactions we accomplish? Or do we move so quick from one satisfaction to another that we really don't have time to enjoy any of them?

I tend to believe that too few people take the time to enjoy feeling satisfied. It's like our lives are entered into some race for time where we have very little time to relax, reflect and enjoy and share the feeling of satisfaction with others.

Years ago, people seemed much better at enjoying satisfaction. As an example, individuals would save money for an item they desired - like a new car. After years of saving - the day finally came to purchase that car and they were so proud to park that new shiny accomplishment in front of their house. They would hand wash and polish it often. They valued their car as a prized possession. Whereas today, you don't have to save up for a car. Instead you can buy one instantly on credit and then worry about paying for it later. You take it to the car wash every now and then and when you get tired of it you get a new one. You miss the satisfaction of saving and achieving the goal of purchasing a car. Then you miss out on the satisfaction of taking care of it like a prized possession.

There are so many examples like the one above, which may lead to less SATISFACTION in our lives. Let's take a look at the lyrics of the popular Rolling Stones song:

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

I can't get no satisfaction

I can't get no satisfaction

Cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try

I can't get no, I can't get no

I can't get no satisfaction

No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction

Well... We know how they felt about satisfaction!

Let us know how you feel in this week's poll regarding SATISFACTION. This poll will end on Sunday 08/15/04, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 48% of voters chose "Somewhat Satisfied" as the level of SATISFACTION they experience, regarding their life every day.
  2. 21% of voters chose "Very Satisfied" as the level of SATISFACTION they experience, regarding their life every day.
  3. 15% of voters chose "Unsatisfied" as the level of SATISFACTION they experience, regarding their life every day.
  4. 10% of voters chose "Very Unsatisfied" as the level of SATISFACTION they experience, regarding their life every day.
  5. 06% of voters chose "Extremely Satisfied" as the level of SATISFACTION they experience, regarding their life every day.

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our poll results this week were not very dramatic. Most people chose the middle of the road "Somewhat Satisfied" regarding the level of satisfaction they experience every day. It's not very passionate to be somewhat satisfied. However, it's not surprising that most people feel this way.

I would enjoy speaking with the 6% who chose they were "Extremely Satisfied" They probably can share some golden nuggets about life with us that may be quite inspiring. I am always amazed by the passion and satisfaction levels of individuals that have experienced great adversity in their lives. Perhaps a good example might be an individual like Lance Armstrong, who overcame a serious illness, yet continues to stun the world with his athletic achievements. He would be the type of person that would probably vote that he is extremely satisfied with his life each and every day.

We should not have to face the type of adversity that Lance Armstrong faced, to become an extremely satisfied individual. We should take a personal inventory of all that is good about our lives. We need to study these wonderful details about our lives and enjoy the satisfaction of being blessed with each and every entry on our list. If we did this exercise often enough - we would all have a tendency to improve our satisfaction level and enjoy life so much more.