Positive Moods and Emotions 2-Affection

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Question-Week ending Sunday 02/08/04:

Who during your lifetime have you found it easiest to display hugging, cuddling or loving affection with? Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

For our second poll on positive moods and emotions we will be discussing the keyword AFFECTION. For the purpose of this poll, we will describe the word affection as "a tender feeling or fondness toward another - displayed through some action taken."

An experience of affection at its best - can be described as your favorite pet dog or cat expressing unconditional affection for you as they cuddle up next to you because they really want to be with you. I use this analogy from my own experience; coupled with the experiences that so many other pet owners have shared with me.

Perhaps there is something to be learned about affection from our furry friends. Do they demonstrate an emotion that we would like to practice more of with our loved ones - but somehow find it difficult to do?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to display more affection towards our spouse or significant other by hugging and cuddling them more often? Or perhaps hugging our kids or parents and letting them know how important they are to us and how much we love them?

I have found that when you give others more affection, you increase the chances dramatically of receiving more from them. Someone has to be the ice-breaker, when affection seems scarce in a relationship with someone you love. Who's going to be the first to give?

Affection can play a vital role in the health of your relationships. Why not be the ice-breaker and give more unconditionally to those you love. You'll be quite surprised at the happy moments and positive results this might bring into your life.

Let us know what you think about AFFECTION as described above, by answering this week's poll question. This poll will end on Sunday 02/08/04, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 30% of respondents choose "My spouse or significant other" as the easiest to show affection with
  2. 29% of respondents choose "My children as babies" as the easiest to show affection with
  3. 14% of respondents choose "My pet" as the easiest to show affection with
  4. 13% of respondents choose "My baby grandchildren" as the easiest to show affection with
  5. 10% of respondents choose "My parents" as the easiest to show affection with
  6. 04% of respondents choose "My grown children" as the easiest to show affection with

Post-Poll Commentary:

I really did not try to sway the votes by my example of affection and pets in the Pre-Poll Commentary above. However, pets posted a strong third place - inching out baby grandchildren, parents and grown children.

I found it quite interesting that it took more than two thirds of a week for the first vote to be placed in favor of their grown children. Then subsequent votes did follow. However, we should take a look at this issue.

Grown children need as much affection as babies do. They may need even more in some cases. So why are they at the bottom of the list? Do we see them too infrequently to stay affectionate? Do grown children become too busy and more distant with age?

If all of our readers make a concentrated effort to hug and cuddle their grown children more - I would consider this poll a great success. So why not find the time and opportunity to do so. Be sure to make it a common occurrence. Cuddle and hug and spread your affection around to all those that you love. Don't be afraid that you'll feel awkward or uncomfortable. I learned many years ago from a master of love - Dr. Leo Buscaglia, that affection is really a wonderful thing!