Positive Moods and Emotions 1-Acceptance

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Question-Week ending Sunday 02/01/04:

If you had a 22 year old daughter who brought home a potential candidate for a husband to meet you for the first time -- which one characteristic about this man would make it easiest to accept him into your family? Please read our Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Since we will be working our list of 30 key words described in last week's poll, in alphabetical order - we begin this week's discussion with the word ACCEPTANCE. For the purpose of this poll, we will describe "acceptance" in the context of each of us knowing who we are and approving of that individual. The act of fully accepting all of the knowledge about our character, appearance, family background and virtually all facts relating to us.

By knowing our strengths and weaknesses, it can help us to begin the process of capitalizing on our strengths and improving our areas of weakness.

Since our physical bodies are just on a short visit to planet earth, we should make our visit the VERY BEST it can be. Throughout history, people have done remarkable things during their short visit. Why shouldn't we all try to follow the positive philosophies of the great people who have walked the earth? Knowing who you are and fully accepting everything about yourself can provide the motivation to put together a plan to IMPROVE NOW!.

The second context we will use for acceptance - is in the acceptance of others in order to have healthy and peaceful relationships. We often find that our first impression of others can quickly lead to their instant approval or rejection - on the basis of our own values and standards. If we are to live in harmony with others - we must learn to accept them for who they are.

Let us know what you think about accepting someone into your family, by answering this week's poll question. This poll will end on Sunday 02/01/04, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 38% of respondents choose "Very Respectful" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family
  2. 34% of respondents choose "Very Much In Love With Daughter" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family
  3. 18% of respondents choose "Very Educated" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family
  4. 10% of respondents choose "Very Good Job" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family
  5. 00% of respondents choose "Very Handsome" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family
  6. 00% of respondents choose "Very Rich Parents" as the characteristic for easiest ACCEPTANCE into their family

Post-Poll Commentary:

We had a tie on and off all week for the first position of our poll question. However, "Very Much In Love With Daughter" pulled ahead with some late votes on Sunday. It's nice to see that so many of our respondents value LOVE as being extremely important in the relationships of their children. Respect happened to be my choice. However, all of us thrive on loving relationships, so why shouldn't LOVE be number one for an accepting characteristic!

I found it quite interesting that no one chose Handsome or Very Rich Parents as a characteristic that would make it easier to accept someone into a family. If you watched some of the "Reality TV Shows" you could definitely get the wrong impression of what's really important to people today. We see young men and ladies on TV competing and chasing after complete strangers to marry them - for their looks or their potential financial assets.

Practicing acceptance of ourselves and others can definitely lay the groundwork for developing a higher self esteem as well as developing healthier inter-personal relationships. Why not search for more ways to practice acceptance today?