The Qualities Of Leadership 12-Being Responsible

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Question-Week ending Sunday 11/23/03:

From our list, choose the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" that our children have been exposed to in the news....that can be most damaging toward them becoming responsible adults. Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Being responsible means being accountable for your actions. The true sign of a mature and moral individual is when you believe you are accountable for your decisions and behavior.

The courts are full of cases where someone's actions or decisions physically, mentally or financially caused harm to another. Even though our legal system was designed to preserve the rights of the innocent until proven guilty, it too often let's the guilty go free.

If we are to become a more responsible and moral nation, each individual must take full responsibility for their actions and decisions. Today's headlines always include leaders in all fields, who act irresponsibly until they are caught, knowing beforehand that their lawyers can probably fix their improper behavior. "The bad apples in every bushel can ruin the good ones if they are not extracted from the group."

It takes courage to be a responsible individual today. Even when one wants to do what is right, they are often chastised for their responsible behavior. But if we all throw in the towel toward being responsible, we will all suffer the consequences.

Let us know what you think in this week's poll relating to "being responsible." This poll will end on Sunday 11/23/03, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 44% of voters chose the President Clinton & Monica Lewinsky affair as the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" from our list
  2. 26% of voters chose Sexual Misconduct of teachers, boy scout leaders, etc., as the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" from our list
  3. 15% of voters chose Sexual Misconduct of Clergy Members as the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" from our list
  4. 12% of voters chose Kobe Bryant's Legal Battle as the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" from our list
  5. 03% of voters chose Business scandals of Enron, Worldcom, etc., as the "Most Irresponsible Behavior" from our list

Post-Poll Commentary:

Being President of the United States and holding one of the top leadership positions in the world, surely carries the ultimate degree of responsibility. People in societies are measured by the morals, laws and standards of their individual cultures. Thus, as shocking as it was for children and moral adults around the world to see a sitting U.S. President involved in the Lewinsky affair, far too many viewed it as no big deal. The old excuse of "being human" and capable of mistakes can cover a wide range of errors in judgment. But was that behavior responsible? Some people could care less about the word "responsible." But you can't ignore this powerful quality if you want to become a GREAT LEADER and role model.

Being responsible can be one of the greatest accomplishments made by an individual. Your self-esteem and confidence thrives on this quality. It's a quality that needs to be learned and practiced from childhood. It a quality that should be rewarded at every level and stage in life, so that we promote more of it by everyone.

If we all set a good example by living a responsible life, it will be the greatest gift we can pass down to our children and future generations to come.