Personal Value In The Marketplace 2-Increasing Your Value

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Question-Week ending Sunday 08/10/03:

What one item would you consider most important to strive for every workday to INCREASE one's VALUE in the MARKETPLACE? Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Who wouldn't want to Increase their Value in the Marketplace? To become so valuable to your clients or your employer that they believed you were irreplaceable at any cost. To have high self esteem, great confidence in your abilities, and be well respected by everyone you come in contact with.

All of the above can be within everyone's reach. Jim Rohn, a highly respected author and public speaker that I admire says - "You just need to do about half dozen things everyday that will make the difference in what you're trying to achieve." This half dozen theory can apply to so many different aspects of success in your life. Figuring out what they are and then doing them, can help you get wherever you want to in life.

I am a firm believer that too many people never take the time to figure out what they MUST DO to get what they say they want. They let time slip right by without achieving their dreams and objectives. The same happens to their Personal Value in the Marketplace. Their value doesn't grow, if they don't focus their energy on a plan to make it grow. Then execute their plan.

Growth in all aspects of life happens over time. No one can obtain thirty years of value and experience in one year. But if you have a thought out plan of accomplishing small objectives each year over a thirty year period, you can accomplish almost anything.

In this week's poll, let us know what one item you consider most important to strive for every workday to INCREASE one's VALUE in the MARKETPLACE? This poll will end on Sunday 08/10/03, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 27% voted Think up ideas & systems to improve the company
  2. 22% voted Invest time daily to increase knowledge & skills
  3. 20% voted Devote more time & energy to job than expected to

  4. 18% voted Complete all responsibilities efficiently & on time

  5. 11% voted Take on more difficult projects & responsibilities
  6. 02% voted Help those that work for you succeed in their job

Post-Poll Commentary:

These poll results were extremely close, with the exception of the answer that yielded only a 2% response. However, I personally feel that "Helping those that work for you succeed in their job" should yield more importance than the 2% vote displays. It can be debated which one item, whether in this poll or not, can have the most bearing on Increasing Your Market Value. However, these items listed, at least bring to one's consciousness that there are ways to work toward Increasing Your Market Value on a daily basis.

The question now remains, "are you TRYING daily to increase your value in the marketplace?" Or are you sitting comfortably in your job or business, content with your income, benefits and working conditions? Complacency and taking anything for granted in our life can be a dangerous road to go down. While we should always be grateful and enjoy our present, we should never take our future for granted.

I believe that all of the six items presented in this poll, used together, in balance and often, can have a bearing on your PERSONAL VALUE IN THE MARKETPLACE. If you Ignore one or all of them on a daily basis, you should be prepared for downward pressure on your market value.

The key to any successful system is always to find right BALANCE. For instance, I believe you should always do more than is expected of you in any relationship. This creates value. However, when it comes to taking on more projects or responsibilities or starting earlier and working later than expected - beware the extreme. You shouldn't take on more than you can handle efficiently or work so many hours that you become ineffective and ruin your family relationships. However, giving 105% of conscientious service, puts you far enough above the pack that you will be standing out among the crowd. This strategy exercised consistently is how long term value is sensibly created.

The purpose of this and all of our polls are to get you thinking creatively every week about issues that can make a difference in your life and those around you. To bring to your consciousness ideas that can make your life more fulfilling and rewarding. Then you need to spring into action and make things happen!