Personal Development Opportunities Ages 60-Over

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Question-Week ending Sunday 07/20/03:

Regardless of your current age, take a moment "if you can" to reflect back when you were at the ages of 60 and above. How well would you say you took advantage of the Personal Development Opportunities (PDO's) that were within your reach during those years? Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Since I am a mere 53 years old, I am not able to vote in this week's poll. However, based on the members who have signed up for this site, I believe that many retired viewers of, take part in our polls and add their input with their votes. Thus, I believe that we will get enough participation for this last age group to make this poll worthwhile.

I have had lots of interaction throughout my life with close family members, friends and relatives that were 10 to 40 years my senior. Being the youngest child in my generation on both sides of my parent's families, gave me an advantage of having first cousins today who are aged 60 to 88 years old. Watching my relatives lives develop through the years gave me sort of a snapshot of developments to expect in my own future at different stages in my life. As I have professed so many times in my writings, it's much easier to learn from other's experiences, than at the "School of Hard Knocks."

The demographics of American Society have made dramatic changes since World War II. The population over 60 is larger than ever before and in the next decade, the over 60 crowd will probably be the largest group of citizens in the United States. You can bet there will be many new PDO's for this growing and affluent group.

In this week's poll, we'll be reviewing PDO's in our over 60 age group. If in fact these opportunities were available to you when you were over 60 years old, how well did you take advantage of them? Keep in mind this is only a sampling. If you engaged in other similar activities, use them in place of this list when voting.

Educational Opportunities

  • College classrooms have many people over 60 going back to learn for fun or for added degrees. Were you one of them?
  • Did you invest more time on seminars regarding topics you always had an interest in but not enough time to attend?
  • With more time to read and learn about things you did not have time for in the past, how well did you invest time in reading?
  • Did you invest time in learning a musical instrument, a new language or some other skill that you did not have the time for in the past?
  • Did you step up your travel for leisure and educate yourself about the places, people and cultures you visited?

Consulting or Volunteer Opportunities

  • Did you continue working, perhaps in a consulting capacity to share your knowledge with others?
  • Did you volunteer your time for non-profit organizations to help others take advantage of your skills and knowledge?

Financial Opportunities

  • Were you able to invest your assets properly, so that you could take advantage of the fruits of your years of labor?
  • Were you able to maintain a disciplined financial plan, so that you did not have to experience a drastic change in your lifestyle?
  • Did you invest the proper time with knowledgeable advisors to create a meticulous will for those you cared about most?

Personal Relationship Opportunities

  • Did you nurture your loving relationships and enjoy your extra time with your loved ones?
  • Did you share your resources with your children or others, so that you could make a positive impact on their lives?
  • Did you seek out new friends and relationships after the passing of a loved one?
  • Did you make a concerted effort to pass on your wisdom to people you cared about most?

Health and Well Being

  • Did you play more golf, tennis or other social sports to enjoy the company of others while you stayed fit.
  • Did you step up your disciplines on exercise and your well being, knowing that it would have a direct impact on a longer and healthier lifespan?
  • Did you become a student of modern medical advances and practice good preventive medicine.

Being over 60 as well as financially sound and healthy can be a great stage in one's life. It's unfortunate that many people don't invest the time planning for each age group that is about to approach them. Perhaps this poll series can shed some light on the importance of planning and taking full advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us, during each stage in our lives.

Let us know in this week's poll, how well you took advantage of those Personal Development Opportunities (PDO's) presented to you when you were over the age of 60.

This poll will end on Sunday 07/20/03, when the results will be displayed.

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  1. 35% voted taking advantage of 50-59 PDO's Good=85%
  2. 32% voted taking advantage of 50-59 PDO's Very Good=90%
  3. 12% voted taking advantage of 50-59 PDO's Fair=75%
  4. 10% voted taking advantage of 50-59 PDO's Excellent=95%
  5. 03% voted taking advantage of 50-59 PDO's Poor=65%

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our 60 and above group was also positive about how they have taken advantage of PDO's during this stage in their lives. Fully 77 % of our respondents voted Good or better which is a very encouraging number.

Judging from my own experiences, I have a great deal planned for my future years of 60 and above. If all goes as planned, I believe that I will be entering the true prime time of my life. Every day I am focused on soaking up as much knowledge and experiences as possible, in order to greatly enhance my life in the future while I fully enjoy the present.

In summary of this entire series on Personal Development Opportunities (which started at Age 7 to 60 and over), I sincerely hope that you have gained some insights on the possibilities and probabilities of opportunities that are available. Never sit on the sidelines and watch your life pass by. Be an active participant in the fine game of life and embrace as many opportunities as possible to live a happy and more fulfilling life.