Word Test 232

Improve Your Vocabulary

There is nothing more important in life than being able to master the power of communication. A good vocabulary is a like driving a car with rocket fuel instead of leaded gasoline. Words can power your career into high gear and increase your understanding of others.

From 2002-2014 we posted our Word of the Day and subsequently our Weekend Word Tests for 650 Consecutive Weeks or 12 ½ years, to help our viewers improve and expand their vocabulary. If you are serious about improving your vocabulary, our Word Test Library will challenge you to learn words you may never have known existed.

For the Week ending 08/04/06

Directions: Choose the word that matches with the definition and appropriately fits into the blank space in the sentence.

This is a signaling device, either visual or audio based. For example, wireless units use infrared beams that trigger an audible signal when interrupted, and can be used for security or retail purposes.

If you keep your _______ activated on your alarm system, you will hear a beep each time someone breaks the contact points on your doors and windows.

The technology and science of authenticating individuals by measuring their physiological or behavioral features. In security there are readers used to analyze fingerprints, voice patterns, irises or retinas, or other features.

Scanning one's iris image into national databases for future reference is becoming the number one use of _______ identification tools used by law enforcement agents.

Common indoor security cameras mounted on the ceiling. Their two main advantages are a more appealing visual appearance and being easily movable. Their drawback is a lack of usefulness during low light situations (therefore not effective when the lights are off).

The _______ was ineffective in picking up the professional thief, who conducted his heists in the dark.

This type of video recorder is kept in pause mode, and only records if activated by an alarm.

After the inexperienced thief passed through the infrared beam, the whole crime was documented on the _______.

Placed before doorways, gates, and other entrances, this device responds to pressure (usually being walked or stood upon) to either open doors or activate the surveillance camera trained on that area.

_______ are used to open the doors of most supermarkets and big box retailers.

We would like to thank Dr. Andrew Jamieson, MD, of Vancouver, Washington for his articulate contribution of words he supplied for the many years he served as our "eHappyLife Word Specialist."