Time Management Benefits 6-Achieve Worthy Goals

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Question-Week ending Sunday 04/27/03:

Please describe how important it is for you to plan and invest some of your precious time, toward an unselfish and voluntary goal that benefits others and helps them unconditionally? For example - coaching kid's sports, hospital or church volunteer work, or sharing your knowledge or investing your time in other worthy causes. Please read our Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

Sharing your time and knowledge with others that can benefit from you skills and experience is a worthy goal that everyone should set for themselves. Our great civilization would come to a screeching halt, if we all just thought about ourselves and were totally selfish and self-centered.

Even though we may become disappointed from time to time for the good deeds we perform for others, we can't let that stop us from being kind and generous to others.

I use this website as a way to inspire thousands of people that I don't even know and will never meet, in an effort to share whatever knowledge and wisdom that has worked for me in life. I surely don't have all the answers to life's challenges, but I keep seeking knowledge to make my life better each and every day. When I believe in a process that works, I share what I've learned in an effort to help others unconditionally, to achieve their own goals and dreams in their lives. Sharing and helping others makes one's life happier and more fulfilling.

But like everything else, this takes TIME. So here we are back to the Time Management challenge. With good planning, I MAKE the time to write poll commentaries like this each week and find the time to write meaningful articles and update the many sections of this website. All for NO FINANCIAL GAIN WHATSOEVER. It's one of many worthy goals I set for myself, to share my time unconditionally for a worthy purpose.

How do you feel about sharing your knowledge, skills and time for worthy causes? How important is it to you? Let us know by answering this week's poll question.

This poll will end on Sunday 04/27/03, when the results will be displayed.


  1. 40% voted they don't have time to achieve worthy goals
  2. 27% voted that worthy goals are Important
  3. 22% voted that worthy goals are Extremely Important
  4. 08% voted that worthy goals are not a Priority
  5. 03% voted that No one helps them

Post-Poll Commentary:

Almost half of our respondents voted it was either Important or Extremely Important to invest time in unselfish worthy causes. While 40% voted that they have no time. Not having enough time has been an answer that pops ups in so many of our polls. That's why we decided to do a series on Time Management to begin with. To bring to our consciousness how we plan and devote our most precious asset - TIME.

My belief is that you will make the time for what is really important to you. What's important to you will usually be based on what's in it for you or your family members. If you believe there are compelling benefits to engage in one activity over another, you will choose accordingly. If you feel great about investing time coaching your child's sports team - you will make the time. One of my fondest memories as my kids were growing up, relates to the year I was a little league coach and my two sons were on my team at the same time. Although it was extremely difficult for me to FIND the time in my busy schedule for this worthy cause, I somehow managed. There was a compelling reason for me to share huge chunks of time with my sons. As with all of my goals, I focused on being the best coach I could possibly be and it was a seven day a week commitment for several months, to perform my duties in this capacity. A few of the parents of the kids on my team, never even watched their kids play one game. They just did not have the time! What a pity.

To this day, over 15 years later, I am so grateful that I MADE the time to coach that team. That I was able to share unconditionally, my time, wisdom and patience with a group of twelve young boys, teaching them skills and values that I hope they will never forget. Don't miss opportunities to make a difference in other people's lives.

Make sharing in some way a part of your daily schedule. The benefits are the lasting memories that make your life so much more fulfilling.