Dozen Daily Disciplines 2-Vitamin Supplements

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Question-Week ending Sunday 10/20/02:

Please express your attitude and disciplines toward taking Vitamin Supplements as a measure to promote better health. Use the following scale to vote: (10)Extreme-Take daily; (8)Positive-take almost daily; (6)Ocassional- Take weekly; (4)Weak- usually forget to take (2)Indifferent-Don't care; (0)Don't believe in vitamins. Please read the Pre-Poll Commentary before taking this poll.

Pre-Poll Commentary:

In last week's poll, we discussed the first of the Daily Dozen Disciplines which was about Eating Healthy Meals. In this second poll of the DDD series, we will discuss the discipline of taking vitamin supplements. We could devote numerous pages trying to discuss this most controversial topic. However, our purpose of this poll is strictly to open our minds as to what can possibly work for us to promote better health.

Nutritionists, dietitians and medical doctors all have their own theories as to why we need or do not need vitamins to supplement our diets. We all have our own theories and beliefs including myself. My beliefs are based on a combination of my own research and my own personal experiences. I am "by no means advising anyone to follow what I do."

It seems very obvious to me that as we age, our body chemistry changes. We don't produce the same chemicals in the same quantities we did in our youth. Also as part of the aging process, our body parts and systems go through the slow process of wearing out.

In a perfect world, we would be able to replace the vitamins and minerals our bodies require by eating a perfect balanced diet. Unfortunately, we do not live in this perfect world. Our diets are not always perfectly balanced. Thus, we need to study on our own, what nutrients, vitamins and minerals our own individual bodies require, based on our age and overall health. Only then, can we begin to formulate an individual program of complimenting our diets with vitamin and mineral supplements. That's about as simple as my own explanation gets.

I believe that I have personally maintained a better state of health, by sticking to a regimented discipline of taking vitamin supplements in the proper doses. My choices of supplements have changed constantly with my ongoing needs. But like all things in life, if you think more is better, you will probably be wrong. Balance and consistency is a much better strategy than taking mega-doses of individual supplements.

Again, I would like to stress, that my opinion toward vitamin supplements works for me. You have to do your own research and form your own opinion as to what works for you. My goal of taking the time to formulate these polls is to open your mind to topics that could ultimately promote better health and more happiness. I do not give medical advice! Medical Doctors are the only individuals qualified to give medical advice. That leaves me out. Let us know what you think by taking our poll regarding your attitude toward taking vitamin supplements.

This poll will end on Sunday 10/20/02. Watch for the results and summary by Monday morning 10/21/02.


  1. 38% report their attitude as (10) Extreme-Take daily
  2. 36% report their attitude as (06) Occasional-Take weekly
  3. 13% report their attitude as (08) Positive-Take almost daily
  4. 07% report their attitude as (02) Indifferent-Don't care
  5. 04% report their attitude as (04) Weak-usually forget
  6. 02% report their attitude as (00) Don't believe in vitamins

Post-Poll Commentary:

Our poll showed that 87% of respondents took vitamins at least once a week with the number one choice being once a day. The vitamin supplement market is indeed a booming business. There are several reasons. We have a higher awareness today of attempting to live a longer and healthier life. Supplementing our diets with nutrients that are missing in our food intake, may be one way to help maintain proper health. But remember, this is only one small part of the puzzle. Also remember that vitamin supplements are not for everyone. Especially if you take medications that do not mix well with certain vitamins. Always check with your physician before taking any supplements. The key here is to educate yourself and make good decisions. Learn all you can about treating your body like a temple. Invest the time to learn about all the pieces of the puzzle needed, so you can plan for enjoying a happier and healthier life. We wish you well.