We May Need A Push To Get Started

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Did you ever see a tiny tugboat pull a 100,000 ton cruise ship? Or did you ever witness a locomotive pulling 100 train cars full of cargo weighing a million tons? If you did, you probably noticed that the most difficult job these two had in common, was to get started. However once they got moving, the laws of physics took over, as they built up the momentum to move mountains of weight with very little effort. In this lesson, we are going to discuss what it might take to get you moving into action to accomplish some worthy cause.

Setting personal goals for yourself; your business or your career are very similar. Something or someone might need to supply a huge push, along with having some compelling needs or good reasons to plan and add some disciplines into your life. Then, once you believe that you can really accomplish your goals; and resolve to yourself that you are through making excuses and procrastinating; you will be on your way to accomplishing things as incredible as that little tug boat pulling a cruise ship 200 times its size.

People USUALLY begin something new or beneficial when Nature forces them to. A smoker will tend to get serious about quitting AFTER he or she finds out that they have emphysema. A poor student begins to study AFTER he or she finds out that they are about to fail. But don't let this be YOU! Don't wait for Nature for force your hand. Get moving NOW and make positive things happen in your life!

Let's analyze a few lines written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a very famous German poet, playwright, and novelist who lived during the early 1800's. He wrote:

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute!

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!

Only engage, and then the mind grows heated!

Begin it, and then the work will be completed!

Notice that Goethe didn't say to "Put it off and wait for Nature to force you to get moving." He said, "Seize this very minute." Don't wait another month, week, day or minute.

The next line illustrates that once you boldly move forward and break the shackles of stagnation, your action will emulate "genius, power, and the results may seem magical." This may be interpreted that once you begin, the right people will begin to show up in your life. All of a sudden you may read the right book at the right time or you may get a phone call from someone who can assist you. It can all seem "Magical."

Once engaged and focused, your mind will grow "heated." You'll have a deluge of ideas that may keep you up at night – waiting for the dawn to break to get started on your goals. Finally, "Begin it, and then the work will be completed!" Nothing that was ONLY talked about was ever completed. Nothing was ever completed that was never BEGUN!

The most important principle to take from the above passage is to BEGIN. Do you know what the first three words of the Old Testament are? When you think about the most widely read book in history, one would imagine that the first words would be very important. Well they certainly are. Those words are "In the beginning,"

Until you begin, your desire remains only a thought. Beginning starts the process of turning your dreams and thoughts into reality.

If you can't find a good reason for self-improvement, do it for your spouse or kids. Get to work on YOURSELF and watch your ATTITUDE get better, which will make your CAREER and BUSINESS life get better, which will make your HOME LIFE get better. Momentum takes over once you get moving into action. Don't Delay. Start on something new and exciting RIGHT NOW! Let this lesson serve as the "The Push You Need To Get Started!"