Introduction To Learning Life's Lessons

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Today is the start of a new series of Lessons at This series will replace the WEEKLY POLLS that we have consistently presented every Sunday for over two years. Our Weekly Polls make up a significant wealth of knowledge on many topics relating to living a more productive, fulfilling and healthier life. They will continue to reside on our website for future reference to learn about the opinions of our viewers between 2002-2004.

Similar to our Poll Series, each week we will be delving into topics about real life experiences and sharing some insights regarding the lessons we can learn from them. Everyone has basic challenges to face everyday of our lives. We can either feel sorry for ourselves on a daily basis about our difficulties and challenges we face or rise to the occasion and meet them head on. I am hoping that our viewers will choose the latter strategy most of the time and then teach this strategy by example to their families and associates.

Because I enjoy sharing with my consulting clients as well as visitors to this site, I will be attempting to stretch myself once again by starting a new run of consistent articles in an effort to share the wisdom gathered from real life experiences.

In our first series of Learning Life's Lessons, we will begin by looking at what we can learn from our relationships. We become involved in so many different types of relationships during our lifetime, and any or all of them can make a tremendous difference in steering the sail of our life. We will be delving into a different topic each Sunday. We hope you enjoy this series of articles on Learning Life's Lessons.

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