Who's Telling The Truth

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I am not sure at what point in history, human beings became apathetic and numb to the bombardment of lies we have to deal with on a daily basis. Since most people are engaged in multiple relationships or interactions with others each day, it may seem we have to constantly wonder if what someone is telling us is the truth.

The recent presidential debates and accompanied spin of the pundits on TV are what led me to write about this specific topic this week. It appears that we no longer choose candidates for elected office based on their past record of accomplishments; leadership skills; qualifications; or ability to perform in their positions effectively. Instead this campaign seems focused on the failures of each candidate instead of the accomplishments as well as which candidate is the biggest liar. Representatives from both political parties seem determined to prove their opposing candidate does not possess a shred of integrity.

Each of the candidates running for office in November possesses their own strengths and weaknesses. Yet instead of focusing on solutions to important challenges we face, the campaigns seem to be more focused on who lied the most over 30 years ago. The rhetoric goes on 24/7 on cable news as every morsel of information is dug up from the mud to discredit each other. Then teams of campaign strategists get incredibly valuable face time on TV to go at each other, in a verbal brawl. This behavior sets a terrible and confusing example for voters as well as millions of impressionable children. It also sends a chilling message to the rest of the world's viewers that the top leaders in America or maybe all Americans for that matter cannot be trusted. If we want to know why the world opinion of America has dropped drastically in the past few years, just tune in on CNN or Fox News, which is distributed internationally - and you will get your answer.

However, the presidential election is just one example of the lies we are exposed to each day on TV. When not covering the election, the airwaves are full of unlimited commentary and debate on the lies of Scott Peterson, Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson and just about every other distasteful story from celebrities and athletes to common folks. We seem to be bombarded by a steady stream of 24/7 coverage of all the deceitfulness and dreadful news that abounds us.

Is it any surprise that we are always wondering who is telling us the truth today? Have you hired a plumbing or electrical contractor from the yellow pages, who came to your house lately to make a repair? Or perhaps had your car in for service at a chain store, car dealer or local repair shop? Do you wonder if these repair people are being honest with you? Or how about when you need the assistance of a Realtor, Doctor or Lawyer? They all take an oath when they receive their licenses to be honest and truthful with their clients. Do you believe they all live up to the oath they take?

While it's a fact that we live in a world where you need tough skin and a hardened character at times, it's all we have to deal with. And since we are only here for a short period of time, I believe we should always be thankful for residing in one of the greatest countries in human history.

This week, I would like to share a couple lessons to be learned on this topic of truthfulness:

Each day when you arise from a good night's sleep - always be prepared to deal with disappointment. You are not going to change those that choose to lie to you or let you down. However, you do have control over what YOU do and say. If you want to lead a satisfying and fulfilling life, make Honesty the most IMPORTANT value YOU live by.

If you are honest, you have a better chance of attracting honest people into your circles of life. I personally do not know Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, any senators, or celebrities and professional athletes that lie and appear on the television screen. I do personally know many honest people in my family; who happen to be my friends; my neighbors; and my business associates. I also happen to believe that the majority of the people l come in contact with, are basically honest and caring individuals.

There is something we can learn from every relationship, interaction and experience in life. Instead of exposing yourself to an overdose of deceitfulness on TV, become a lifetime student by soaking up every ounce of wisdom you can gather from every wise person, website, book, tape, course, class or seminar. In doing so, you will continue to develop new skills and a higher self-esteem. With a higher self esteem and sound character you will practice sound values and meet more people just like you. That will set the stage for a happier and more satisfying life, and make you more adept at Dealing with Disappointment.