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I believe that writing can be a wonderful skill to develop, to help one learn, share and communicate their knowledge and thoughts with others. Speaking from my own experience on this topic, I believe that I have been able to greatly enhance my understanding about a multitude of life topics, by reading, researching and subsequently thinking about and discussing what I've learned via written communications. This process probably represents one of my motivations to sit down every Sunday for the last three years, and communicate my thoughts to an audience of thousands of viewers through the polls and articles I have written. So if you happened to be wondering why I write these lessons each week – well there's one striking reason for you.

Like any skill we attempt to learn, writing requires hundreds or even thousands of repetitions to reach a decent level of proficiency. It's a skill that can be practiced throughout an entire lifetime and can prove to be extremely rewarding and satisfying in so many ways. Being able to share what you know or have experienced thus far in life, through your written words, can help others to solve their own problems and enhance their own lives. There's a great deal of satisfaction experienced, when you receive an "e-mail of thanks," from a total stranger that you assisted in some way through your writing. Likewise, I am quick to send off an "e-mail of thanks" to the author of a great article I may have read, because I want this person to feel my expression of appreciation for their work.

Many kids and young adults in schools and colleges, dread their required English courses. I know these courses don't have the reputation for being the best of breed in the educational process. However, I am a firm believer that individuals with the best writing and speaking skills, tend to reach the highest positions and earn the most money in our society. Thus, the payoff for being proficient in both skills can lead to great financial rewards.

There isn't a better time in the history of mankind to practice and hone your written communication skills. The internet, e-mail and instant messaging have provided us with a miraculous way to communicate with each other. Although I must admit that I do not care for or take part in instant messaging. I still prefer picking up the phone and communicating through the spoken word. However, I do enjoy expressing my thoughts and communicating via the written word using e-mail and writing articles on my websites.

I am certainly not alone. Google and Yahoo are transforming the world of information by unlocking every single way possible to search and find whatever you are looking for on the internet. These two companies are also the darlings of Wall Street at the moment, since they have found a way to mint sales growth and profits like never before. In the past ten years, I have learned about or have become acquainted with hundreds of authors with the same interests in Personal Development that I have. These individuals have invested an enormous amount of time, energy and resources into developing their websites. Many of them write articles, books and produce audio tapes as their main source of income. Thus, while manufacturing and engineering jobs are being outsourced to other countries, a whole new industry has been formed by authors using their writing skills.

Along with the internet, the book publishing business has never been bigger. Every day on TV, you will find someone new plugging their book on a TV talk show or news show. Presidents, generals, senators, congressman and even former criminals are all out in force selling their books. It's quite lucrative and as stated above another booming industry formed through the written word.

Finally, the written word is a wonderful way to share your thoughts and knowledge with those you love. For centuries, lovers would communicate through letters. They were able to share their feelings and emotions in ways that are sometimes impossible through the spoken word. Keep in mind that this is still possible today!

Also, it's great to share your thoughts and knowledge with your children via e-mail. My oldest son is my best e-mail pal, as we teach each other and share, through our written communications. While doing so, we bond and become closer, because we truly understand each others thoughts.

Today is as good a day as any, to begin writing more, sharing more and learning more through the written word!

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