The Real Deal Relationship

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We've heard it said throughout our lifetime that most people have to learn lessons through EXPERIENCE. I think it's unfortunate, but this statement tends to be true. With the multitude of resources in our world today to tap people still seem to need the hard knocks of experience to Learn Life's Lessons.

It's no secret that I believe it's much better to Avoid The School Of Hard Knocks. Thus in the weeks and months ahead, I will share some lessons I have learned from my own experiences as well as from those I love and associate with.

In Part I of our series on Relationships, we will begin this series by defining the ultimate or REAL DEAL RELATIONSHIP in our life. As we age, fewer and fewer relationships have real teeth to them. Let's take a quick look at what I mean by this.

When we are born, there are lots of people that are usually happy that we came into this world. First and foremost are our parents. They are so happy and proud to bring you into their lives. They are so excited to show you off and brag about you to everyone who'll listen. Every move you make can be a milestone in their life. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, older cousins and neighbors can't wait to hold you or take a picture with you. Babies have a rock star status in a family.

As growing toddlers you have lots of friends to play with in nursery and grade school. Kids enjoy lots of fun times attending friends and relatives birthday parties. And it's great being the center of attention at your own birthday parties as well. With each graduation or special holiday you are showered with gifts and love from lots of people. It's always great to grow up in a family that's surrounded by family members and friends who really care about you.

However, as time marches on, fewer and fewer people have the time to really care about your well being. Fast forward several decades when you hit retirement age and family life can be quite different. Sure you can still share in the joys of being a proud parent and grandparent, if you happen to live close to your grown children and take a more active role in their lives. And of course you still love your family with the same passion you had decades ago. But your grown children are very busy with their own lives, families and responsibilities. And these days it seems like the retired population live many states south or west of their children's hometown. Relationships get reduced to holiday visits and friendly phone calls and chit-chat. So consider yourself very fortunate if you have cultivated a REAL DEAL RELATIONSHIP of love with a partner throughout the decades.

You know a REAL DEAL relationship when you see one. The participants have a history of being two independent as well as inter-dependent individuals who matured together and are still standing as a union, after being battered by the storms of life. They are usually strong and persistent individuals who won't quit when the going gets tough. They are usually individuals who have old fashioned respect for each other and would give their life for each other. They each know that there is at least one other person in their world that will ALWAYS be there for them through good times and bad; through sickness and health; forever! That's a REAL DEAL relationship.

If you are fortunate enough to share in a REAL DEAL relationship, consider yourself a blessed individual. Never take your REAL DEAL relationship for granted. For it is one of the true treasures of life. Cherish every day that you engage in these relationships. For all good things eventually must come to an end. Don't wait until the end to realize the treasure you once had is lost forever. Make every day a great day with your REAL DEAL partner and live passionately!

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