Life Is A Balancing Act

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Everything good or bad relating to our lives on this planet, or the universe for that matter, revolves around the balance of systems. Hurricanes follow extreme air and water temperatures. Divorce usually follows a relationship that gets out of balance. Poor health is a usually a result of not eating a balanced diet or perhaps not having a balanced exercise program. We get blood tests, MRI's and hundreds of diagnostic tests to search for what's out of balance in the systems of our body.

Each day we are constantly juggling our time to fulfill the responsibilities of the many identities we wear like son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother, manager, worker, coach, player, etc. If we just make decisions about where to devote our time and resources by chance or on the basis of which wheel squeaks loudest, we are destined to have an imbalance in our lives followed by a storm.

I believe the first step toward avoiding a major storm in our life such as divorce or poor health is to fully understand the law of balance. This universal law never changes. Thus ONLY WE can change to adapt to this law of balance.

A balanced life can only occur if we make a conscious effort to achieve it. Balance must be our number one priority at all times. It must be our number one value that guides our daily thoughts and decisions. It's important to understand that out-of-balance extremes in any area of our life will be followed by storms and unhappy consequences. It's just that cut and dry.

The first place to start is to locate your EXTREMES. Are you working all day and night? Are you in front of the TV all day long? Do you eat unhealthy foods all of the time? If any of the answers to the above questions are "Yes," then you may want to change your course NOW!

If you work all day and night, how can you have a relationship with your family? How will you take care of your health? How will you get to see and enjoy this amazing world that we live in? The same questions apply if you're in front of the TV all day long. If you constantly eat unhealthy foods how do you plan on looking good, feeling good, and living a long, healthy life?

You can get away with these things for a time. If you work all day, you may notice that everything SEEMS fine with your relationships. If you eat unhealthy, you may look in the mirror and everything SEEMS to look the same. But in the background, and often unseen by us, important aspects of our lives slowly begin to unravel.

Nature is lenient. It gives you time to change your course. So if you're out of balance right now, take this opportunity to change. If extreme conditions persist, then a PAINFUL re-balancing must ensue. If you've been working day and night, you may find out that your marriage is in disarray and is in need of counseling. If you've been eating unhealthy, you may find out that you've got high blood pressure or high cholesterol and need to severely curtail consuming your favorite foods.

Realize that the painful re-balancing is the way back to a healthy situation. In other words, the pain is the cure. It is not something that should be avoided. For a spouse, avoidance may lead to a divorce, and for a person who doesn't change his or her diet, avoidance may lead to a heart attack.

Your best bet is to keep balance in your life as a top priority to avoid extremes. You'll experience much more pleasure and much less pain. If this sounds appealing to you, then take the time to find your extremes and curtail them NOW!

A balanced life is possible. Almost anything in life is possible if we understand what we must do to achieve something. So why not ponder what you need to do to bring more balance into your life? Why not make our short visit on Earth the BEST it can be?

Why not spend some time DECIDING who and what is most important to you and devote your time and resources in proper proportions? Why not eat better, sleep better, exercise better, treat others better, and have a better attitude about life? Always do what really matters!