What Happened To Accountability?

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Accountability for ones' actions seems to be eluding government officials and the populace at large. It's common to blame costly errors on the circumstances of the times or better yet, to blame bad decisions on others. In this lesson, we will discuss the art of accountability, in order to attack the problems of our times. It's time for individuals to take responsibility for their actions, and bear the consequences of their poor decisions.

Currently in the US, we are facing enormous financial problems. Poor decisions made by lots of individuals over the last decade are finally catching up to all of us. While the government would have us believe that inflation and taxes are low, anyone who pays their household bills knows the truth. Our dollars are worth less every month.

The decision made by the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates to 40 year lows, totally blew up in their face. Yet I have never heard the Federal Reserve take responsibility for the housing boom or bust of the last six years. Instead they are beginning to lower rates once again, perhaps for a repeat performance.

Many individuals had the illusion of wealth when interest rates were artificially cheap and anyone with who could breathe was being solicited for credit. You didn't need a job or have the ability to pay back a credit card or mortgage. You just needed to sign on the dotted line, without reading what you were signing and like magic you could enjoy the fruits of cheap, reckless credit.

There's no shortage of blame to spread around for the housing bust and the rise in foreclosures are mounting. Yet no one really steps up and takes their fair share of the responsibility. Not the Federal Reserve. Not the banks and mortgage companies who lent to anyone. Not the home buyer who bought a house they knew they couldn't afford. And not investors who bought multiple houses in other states sight-unseen with no money down. There was lots of poor judgment and NO accountability.

This credit problem has so many players. The consequences of poor decisions are spreading to brand name banking and financial institutions; and sacred pension funds as well as private investors around the country and the world. What were all of these people thinking? Has the financial markets' turned into a worldwide casino?

However poor accountability seems to stare us in the face every day of our lives. We have laws on immigration that are not being enforced. We have laws on liberty and privacy that are being compromised. Social Security, Medicare and other big government programs are not sustainable. And because it's unpopular to face reality and be accountable, little is being done to correct these problems. We have government administrators who condone printing money out of thin air and are borrowing from foreign countries to wage wars we have no business being in. They just do as they please.

We elect members to the house and senate to create laws that protect the people and give them hope for the future. And they squander their sense of responsibility and their precious time bickering and spending money we don't have, on pet projects that disgust those who learn about them.

So whatever happened to being accountable for your actions?

Now is as good a time as any, to start being accountable for who we elect into power, to avoid making all of these poor decisions. Accountability starts right in your home. Everyone in every household who is eligible to vote - should get involved in the political process during this Presidential Primary. Who we elect into office DOES makes a difference. Our current president has changed the way we live in the United States more than anyone else during my lifetime. Do we want more of the same? Fewer liberties and more big government spending of money we don't have, as our dollar loses its value every month.

Now is the time to be accountable to vote. If you can't find a candidate you trust, may I suggest MY candidate for president, Dr. Ron Paul. He's honest and intelligent and has the desire and ability to steer us in a sensible direction. He's not more of the same. He's not power hungry. He wants to preserve our liberty and will not compromise our laws and the constitution. The media and other candidates ignore him and tell everyone he doesn't have a chance. The establishment fears change because they fear losing control of power to do whatever they please, because they are truly not accountable for their actions. You CAN make a difference. Vote for Dr. Ron Paul in the primary. Let's bring real HOPE back to America!