Understanding The Workaholic Syndrome

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Being a workaholic can be more dangerous than it actually appears. Take it from one who knows, and was fortunate enough to find balance in life before having to pay an extremely high price in many ways. In this lesson, we will delve into this workaholic syndrome, to better understand it and how to deal with it.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are the most likely workaholics. However, many management and high achievers in companies suffer from the workaholic syndrome. It's common for them to take home unfinished work and often work until late at night or through the weekend to make things happen. The workaholic really believes that their organization's success depends on all these extra hours and blind devotion. They believe they are irreplaceable and their endless work schedule is absolutely necessary for the survival of their department, division or their company.

However, there are other dynamics going on in the life of workaholics. Like the lack of attention to their loved one and children at home who rarely share the time of these individuals. Even when the workaholic is around the family, they are still thinking about all the things that need to be done at work, taking phone calls and never really focusing on nurturing their family relationships. Year after year, many hard feelings incubate and friction and tensions erupt. But the workaholic always defends their actions by proclaiming that in order to obtain the luxuries the family enjoys, someone needs to sacrifice their life to keep the dough rolling in.

If you are a workaholic or you have one in your immediate family, you can probably identify with my description. If you are a card carrying workaholic, you may even be offended by my description. However, being a workaholic can be counterproductive to one's real success in life. Such consequences may include the loss of loving relationships; deteriorating health; addictions; and ultimately the loss your company or position that you thought you were irreplaceable in.

Many "successful" individuals may argue that if they were not focused 24/7 on their job, they would not have achieved a high level of "success" in their careers. But what does "being successful" really mean? From my perspective, I am all in favor of striving to be the most professional and proficient in your field; the person who might be among the top producers; and enjoy one of the highest incomes in the company or industry. However, I believe this status is best achieved by steady and consistent progress over time. Trying to go from last place on a sales team of 100 to first place in one year is do-able I guess. But the price one must pay in their personal life is much too costly. It's wonderful to be at the top of your game. However, I believe it's better to methodically achieve success by:

Learning the best skills; science; technologies and processes from the experts in your field

Learn how to plan your time proficiently

Learn how to set ever stretching but realistic goals and objectives

Execute your well thought out plan with focused, high energy, in 8 to 10 hour work days

Get home on time to invest and enjoy a quality life with your family

Always make the time to keep your body and mind in great condition

Be passionate

This formula, consistently applied, enhances your ability to achieve long-term results for "BALANCED SUCCESS." There will always be the occasional superstar who hits the top by applying the 24/7 theory to work. But once they burn out and ruin their personal lives, they usually disappear from the landscape. They never learn the skills that it takes to stay on top year after year.

I am a firm believer of being the BEST that I CAN BE in all that I set out to accomplish. That doesn't necessarily mean being the best in the world. Usually, I can end up in the top 5% in areas that I am very passionate about. Being conscientious, responsible and disciplined will usually place you in the top 20% of the people in any particular field. Then learning NECESSARY skills from books, magazines, CD's, seminars and other sources; and applying these skills will move you up into the top 15%. To get into the top 10% you will need to hone and master your skills. Finally, years of near flawless execution will place you in the top 5%.

With the proper strategy and patience, you can accomplish a great deal of success without becoming a workaholic. You can be among the top earners in your field while still maintaining a balanced life at home. Your business partners and associates will respect you more because you ACHIEVE CONSISTENT RESULTS by being extremely organized, responsible and productive. You will accomplish more in less time and enjoy a better attitude because your life is balanced and you are able to obtain satisfaction from more than one source. That's what I believe is the formula for a lifetime of success!