The Ultimate Professional

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There are many talented individuals in this world who have developed incredible skills. Some of them utilize their skills for fun and entertainment while others depend on their skills to earn a living or make a profit. On the surface that seems to divide them into two distinct categories - the hobbyist or amateur and the professional. There are several meanings in a dictionary to describe a professional. Here are a few: engaged in an activity as a paid occupation rather than as an amateur; characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession; a person having impressive competence in a particular activity. While all these descriptions of a PROFESSIONAL may apply to most who call themselves one, it takes a lot more character, discipline, trust, mannerisms, follow-up, and consistent execution of highly trained skills, to achieve the status of what I call "THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL." In this lesson we will delve into what this title means to Me.

Lots of professionals have pizzazz. Some achieve rock star status in their fields of endeavor. They may become rich, famous and powerful, allowing them to obtain influence and notoriety. However in my opinion, these individuals do not automatically qualify for the title of ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. Also, there are many professionals who are quite successful despite not having superior skills. Many clients engage the services of "so called professionals" without investing time on researching how they treat their clients or if they are truly competent in their specialty. They leave themselves vulnerable to Learning Life's Lessons the hard way.

One of the easiest methods for me to describe an individual whom I believe is an ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL is by sharing my own personal experiences and interactions with one, who qualifies for the title. His name is Dr. Burton P. Golumbic, DDS. I came upon meeting Dr. Golumbic last fall through a friend's referral. Following the referral of someone I trust has usually proven to be the best way for me to choose a service provider.

I first contacted Dr. Golumbic last November regarding some very important dental work. From my initial phone call – to the end of my eighth visit – I was totally impressed with Dr. Golumbic and his partner and wife Lizzie. This dynamic duo run their medical practice better than any I have ever witnessed. Let me begin my description of an Ultimate Professional with one's credentials. Dr. Golumbic has practiced Dentistry in private practice for nearly 30 years. He has taught and lectured at Columbia University, when his practice was located at the Empire State Building for 27 of those 30 years. As a Dentist I believe he is at the top of his game in the areas of knowledge, skill level, discipline and techniques. However these qualities in my opinion, merely earn him the title of a PROFESSIONAL.

So what separates him to earn the title of an ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL? Hang on and I will explain. Many physicians, dentists, lawyers and cabinet makers are highly skilled, have earned credentials, and have years of experience. What separates Dr. Golumbic from the mere professional is the total package of his services beyond credentials and qualifications to perform. From the first phone call to make an initial appointment, you are greeted by his wife Lizzie, who has a great attitude and loves what she does during her business hours. As a client she makes you feel special, comfortable, and part of the family. She runs the back end of the business, as well as assists her husband with procedures, with precision-like efficiency. For all of my visits, I never had to sit in the waiting room for even a minute. Each time as I walked in the door, I was greeted by Lizzie immediately. Then almost simultaneously, Dr. Golumbic was coming through his door to greet me as well, ready to work. Their no wait policy was absolutely incredible for someone like me who values my precious time.

Also on every visit, not only was I given an appointment start time, but also an approximate completion time as well. Lizzie knows her business and her estimates come within minutes of her promises. I never felt rushed and every process was clearly explained. Their offices are impeccably clean utilizing the latest technologies available. This team made every single effort to help me feel comfortable and remain pain-free. Their pampering was absolutely incredible.

On every visit I had total confidence and trust in Dr. Golumbic and Lizzie regarding their medical competence, advice, and impeccable billing. Never in my life have I witnessed a more client-centered, caring and competent medical practice which dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. And finally, my ending question to you: How many doctors in your lifetime, have called you at home the evening of your visit to check up on how you are doing? My answer is one.....that being Dr. Golumbic. His total commitment to his craft and his clients, qualifies him for my title of "THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL!" His example can serve as a wonderful model for any mere professional to step up into the ranks of becoming an "ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL!"

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