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It's not often, that I read a book and feel moved by it enough to write a review or suggest it to others. I read a great deal and rarely share an opinion about what I read. However, I just completed reading a book by Brian Tracy titled "Something For Nothing" and felt it deserved a prime spot in one of my Lessons.

Let me begin with a somewhat biased opinion of this gentleman, whom I admire a great deal. My first exposure to Brian Tracy occurred over a decade ago, when I saw him speak at a "Peak Performers" seminar in Philadelphia. His soft-spoken style and interesting content impressed me enough to purchase nearly his entire library of works over the next ten years, and attend another three live seminars. Although there's a lot of repetition in his works, his books were always interesting to read (my favorite being "Maximum Achievement") and his tapes and CD's always kept my interest. Reading and listening to Brian's work always made me feel optimistic about the future and about what human beings have the ability to achieve. He always drives home the point that we all possess the ability to follow our dreams by taking the necessary steps to make things happen in our lives.

Over the years, I have given gifts of Brian Tracy tapes and books to many of my customers. During the 1990's, I used his products as promotional items to sell other products in order to expose my clients to his work. I have never heard any of my customers complain that they were bored with Brian's material. In fact, I can actually say that I watched several of my customers improve their businesses, due to the ideals that Brian Tracy espoused.

Brian's latest book leaves no leaf UN-turned about his opinions regarding the behavior of human beings in general; Americans; foreign nations; and the well-being of the human race. Because I have had a great deal of exposure to Brian's works, I'm especially fond of his candidness to write what he believes, regardless of who it might upset. In our world of political correctness, very few public figures like Brian Tracy will take the risk to upset people who may purchase their products or services. Brian goes on the limb to call it like he sees it, as a conscientious umpire in a baseball game might perform. Like it or not, you are going to get the opinion of a very bright man, who cares a great deal about the future of America.

I am a product of the Baby Boomer Generation and know what it's like to work hard. I learned by watching my father, uncles and older cousins work hard for relatively small wages, but with great pride and conviction for their performance. I worked 10-12 hour days for over 30 years, in an effort to take part in the American Dream of financial independence. I believe that many of the opinions regarding human nature that Brian discusses are right on the money and need to be brought out into the open and discussed. Our country and government has changed drastically in my lifetime and not always for the better. We need to take our blinders off and not be fooled by the perception that our comfortable lifestyles will last forever.

Brian's new book delves into areas that many who are living a comfortable lifestyle would rather not delve into. However avoiding the sensitive issues that shape our future is purely a fool's game. We all need to recognize the shortcomings of our government and ourselves - and do something about them, before we face the fateful catastrophes of fools.

I have always been a believer that everyone should earn what they receive in life. "Something For Nothing" is a fitting title for this book, because it illustrates that there are NO free rides in this world. Sooner or later, this game catches up to the participants. Everyone must be compensated for the value they produce for others, or the game eventually ends up ugly and messy.

After reading this book, I made a decision to give a gift copy to all those individuals I sincerely care about. You don't have to agree with every issue that Brain Tracy discusses. You just need to acknowledge that we can all do something to make our world a better place to live in. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the content of this book, to open up your mind and make an honest effort, to make a difference in our world. I would highly recommend you read this book first. If you agree with my review, then purchase some extra copies for those you care about.

If we take the time to understand our world a little better and then take some small action to improve it, we will help our children and grandchildren to have a better future.

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