Resolutions Of Health & Peace

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Today is January 1, 2006 and lots of New Year resolutions abound us. Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio waves are full of interviews with individuals who want more out of life this year than last. Most resolutions revolve around goals and accomplishments that individuals want to attain. Thus, I thought I would give my own perspective on two goals that I believe are MOST worthy for all of us to improve on, each and every January 1st. They are first and foremost to maintain good daily health habits. And secondly, to strive for more peace and harmony in life. Sounds easy enough right? Better hold on!

It's probably easier to catch a fish with your bare hands. Here's why. Most people unfortunately judge their success in life by how much money they can make and how many material things they can accumulate. Individuals believe they will be happier in life "if only they could just have more" of whatever they are chasing after. Perhaps they think happiness will arrive after they own a bigger house in a prestigious neighborhood? Or be able to drive a prestigious brand of car? More expensive jewelry....that would be nice. Maybe that second or third get-a-way home on the coastline or in the mountains should be this year's goal? Wants are unlimited!

Just look at the stars in Hollywood; medical doctors; entertainers; top management in public corporations; top producers in sales or finance; or entrepreneurs of private companies. These "financially successful" individuals are capable of buying most of their immediate wants in life. Except for good health, love and peace.

Unfortunately, as the above groups live on the edge of work exhaustion, en-route to reaching their financial success, they tend to lose a sense of balance in their lives. And although they have plenty of money to "eat healthy" and "live well" - they are always too busy making money, thus too short on time to do so. They will either overindulge in expensive meals in fancy restaurants or skip them altogether. There's little balance in their eating habits. Their lack of time is also the number one excuse for neglecting their loved ones at home in their personal lives and there goes the PEACE part of life's formula. Just check out the biographies of most "financially successful" individuals, and you will easily spot deficiencies in the health and peace column of their lives. Too often, their money cannot save them from the treadmill, money chasing lifestyle they lead.

But rest assured that these deficiencies of health and peace are not limited to the financially successful by any means. This affliction reaches everyone. Individuals with little money, who have terrible health habits and little peace in their lives, blame their lack of money for their misfortunes. Thus these individuals believe that if only they were blessed and "financially successful," with all the money they needed, it would be much easier to be healthy and they would find more peace in life. However, as we discussed above, having lots of money does not grant you the right to better health and more peace.

Resolving to be healthier and finding more peace, must be the "absolute goal" for this New Year Day. It cannot be distorted by goals of money, material things or other distractions. You need to FOCUS in on these goals like a laser beam. They must be your ultimate challenge, regardless of how much or how little money is in your bank accounts. Because if you abuse your health – your bank account balance is irrelevant. You won't be around to spend a penny of it. And peace in life has a DIRECT influence on your health and well being. If you have lots of money and are miserable every day, your health will deteriorate and money will not be able to save you.

As first steps to achieving health and peace this year – you need to know where you stand today. This takes some effort. On the health side, a thorough physical can be a starting point. You need to study the results of your physical and then do some real planning, followed by disciplined execution, to improve your daily health habits. Can you eat and drink healthier? Can you exercise healthier? Can you make the time to totally relax and meditate? Can you make decisions based on your health rather than your wealth? Doing these simple things, is equivalent to putting a fishing rod in your hands, rather than trying to catch fish bare-handed.

On the peace side of the equation, you need to figure out what PEACE really means to YOU. Who brings peace into your life and who stops it from entering? Are you surrounded by the wrong people all the time? Does your drive to succeed make you impossible to live with? Don't to blame yourself or others. Just look for honest answers and ways to improve. This will take some TIME and deep thought to figure all this out. Then take some guts to make real changes this year. I'm making Health and Peace my resolution this year. How about you?

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