The Power Of Saying Thank You!

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Using the words THANK YOU every day can get you further in life than you could ever imagine. These two simple words can serve as the equivalent of jet fuel, to help propel your career and lifestyle to new heights. These words can help build lasting relationships with clients, friends, neighbors, and family members quicker and more consistent than any other words in the vocabularies of any language in the world. And as a bonus, frequent users happily reap the side benefit of really feeling good about saying THANK YOU often. There just isn't a substitute as powerful as displaying SINCERE and UNCONDITIONAL appreciation each and every day!

Looking back at my own business career, I learned early on how important it was to show my appreciation to my clients. Back in the early 1970's, I began using cartoon character greeting cards produced by a company named Harrison Publishing from Ashville, North Carolina. This company had a catalog of hundreds of attractive greeting cards that enabled a professional salesperson to shower his clients, vendors and support staff with messages of appreciation. It was rare that a day went by, that I didn't send out two or three cards to clients – telling them how important they were; asking for an order; or thanking them for their business and loyalty. I conveyed my thanks at every opportunity available and was rewarded with 30 to 40% annual increases in sales. However, the increased sales were the by-product of the strong loyal relationships I cultivated, by showing my clients that I cared. I also made sure that my vendors and support staff within my company understood their important role in my success. They went the extra mile for my clients, all because I never passed up an opportunity to thank them.

Learning from my experiences as a Sales Professional, I used the same philosophy when I became a business owner. I continued using Harrison Publishing Cards, duplicating the same efforts that worked in the past. But as a business owner I also added many other ways to say Thank You to my clients by learning their hobbies, favorite sports teams and personal preferences in many areas that made them happy. By knowing what made them happy, I was always able to communicate effectively about their interests and thank them in positive ways.

However if someone had the opportunity to question my valuable business clients of the past, they would probably remember the following strategy I used to convey my thanks. Beginning in the early 1990's, I started using the earliest versions of database type Contact Management Software, to keep track of my client's birthdays and personal preferences. Each day I had alarms set to sing a few clients HAPPY BIRTHDAY. In about 90% of the cases, I was the only person in their life to ever do this. Just the fact that the owner of the company that they purchased their products from, thought enough to remember their birthday – then had the guts to sing to them – showed that I really cared. After the shock and awe of the first time I performed this feat, they knew I was going to do it again and again, right on time every year. This annual event gave me the opportunity to communicate with my best customers. It was the best investment of a few minutes to accomplish the goal of building customer loyalty. It was a wonderful opportunity to make sure that they were happy with our products and services. By asking the proper questions I would uncover if they had any problems with our company, and if they did I fixed them instantly!

Eventually, after seeing how powerful singing Happy Birthday was with my best clients, I began using this strategy with new clients. I found it to be a fantastic way to kick off new relationships. But I didn't stop with business clients. My very special family members and friends were added to my singing telegram list and every call was a big hit!

Beyond business, it always makes you feel good in your personal life, to dole out the powerful expression of thanks every day. Sending a thank you e-mail can be quite effective to let those you interact with know their efforts are appreciated. There are no limits to the ways in which you can use the powerful gestures of appreciation. If you want great service in your favorite restaurant, just tip your food servers generously and write a thank you note on the check. If you want great service at your local bank write the manager an e-mail of appreciation for their extra efforts. In fact a special Thank You to almost everyone that serves you in almost any capacity will make their day and yours more pleasant.

In summary, never be stingy using the powerful words "THANK YOU." Instead find creative ways to SINCERELY thank others UNCONDITIONALLY. By following this simple strategy, your lifestyle will be greatly enriched.

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