The Power Of Prevention

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If we ever invested some quality time to think and analyze all the pain and suffering that could be avoided throughout our lives, by taking preventive measures in advance, we would be astonished. Prevention truly is an enormous power that often is overlooked and squandered in life.

Let's take a look at some real life examples. When I was eighteen years old, I was driving home from a date and was unfortunate enough to have my car run out of gasoline on an interstate highway at 1:30am. There were no cells phones back then and I had to walk five miles to an exit and subsequently to a service station on a deserted road. I had to leave a $10 deposit for a gasoline can with the service station attendant; purchase a few gallons of gasoline; and carry the gas can for another five miles back to my car as traffic was speeding by me at 60mph. It was a cold night, very dark, and not the most pleasant experience for a teenager to endure. However I learned an important lesson that night. NEVER, EVER run out of gasoline again. Since that time I have used the Power of Prevention by following a habit to fill my tank when I approach half a tank. I never ran out of gasoline again.

A similar situation occurred with a flat tire on an interstate highway late at night. The pain I endured from that experience taught me to maintain my tires and always purchase new ones well before my treads are gone. I have had a couple a flats in those last 37 years, however I probably avoided scores of them through the Power of Prevention.

Being "extremely" maintenance conscious about every vehicle I owned in the last forty years, has allowed me to avoid major breakdowns and repairs that too many individuals face daily with their vehicles. Applying the power of prevention to my vehicles and those in my family, has saved us all from the pain and suffering accompanied with those major breakdowns, repairs and unnecessary costs. As a bonus for diligence, we always received a by-product benefit of selling our vehicles at top dollar because they were well maintained and in mint condition.

The same strategy has worked with homes we have owned. The Power of Prevention applied to home maintenance has saved me and my family from many unnecessary repair costs as well as the pain and suffering associated with breakdowns and interruptions in our lifestyles. The benefits of following diligent maintenance schedules has also allowed us to receive top dollar at the time we sold each home.

Just sit and think for a while about all the problems we face each and every day and then think about how these problems could have been prevented. The news on TV and in newspapers is full of repeat offenders of heinous crimes. How many of these crimes could have been avoided by the Power of Prevention?

Next let's look at city of New Orleans. There were enough studies and warnings over a twenty year period of the potential for this disaster to occur. Yet little was done to PREVENT a DISASTER resulting from a Katrina-like hurricane; and all the pain and suffering that could follow. The costs of prevention would have been a tiny price to pay, verses the reality of what actually happened, just as the prognosticators warned.

We can avoid lots of pain and suffering on the highways by driving sober; not rushing; and paying attention to the road and the vehicles around us. Need to talk on the cell phone? Pull over and talk. This ounce of prevention may save your life.

Relating to health, we can avoid many illnesses and diseases through preventive measures and good choices. By not basking in the sun for hours throughout our lives we may avoid skin cancers. By not smoking we may avoid lung cancers and heart disease. By eating healthy and exercising we may avoid obesity and all the sicknesses and pain and suffering associated. By flossing daily, we can prevent gum disease.

If we want our planet to be inhabitable for future generations, we can begin taking own preventive steps right NOW to avoid imminent threats of global warming. It behooves every inhabitant of our planet to apply their own small preventive measures rather than depend on international laws forcing us to act. We should not wait until any situation is beyond hope.

As you can see, Prevention is Powerful. It's a choice. Begin choosing wisely and use its power daily!

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