Pessimism Or Optimism? Your Choice!

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In this lesson we will discuss two distinct ways to view most of what happens to us in life. The first is through the eyes of a pessimist. Pessimism is a disease of impaired vision which, unfortunately, cannot be corrected with eyeglasses. It is a state of mind caused by a limited perspective that shows us only the bad side, the problems, the difficulties and the reasons why something can't be done. Keeping this definition in mind, you can see how counterproductive it is to be a pessimist or to even be associated with pessimists on a daily basis.

The pessimist doesn't look for what is right because he or she is constantly preoccupied with discovering what is wrong. The pessimist complicates even the simplest action and is actually delighted to find out what is wrong with something. They are quick to judge a new idea as dumb or stupid and tell you why things can't or won't work.

Since our lives are affected most by the way we think things are, not by the way they really are - it is important to be an optimist. Our thought process is powerful and if we think something is hopeless, it more than likely will be.

Let's take some real life examples. If a little league team consists of all pessimists who don't believe that they can hit, pitch or win, do you think that they will win? Or if you as an owner or manager of a store did not believe in the products you sold or the services you perform, do you think that anyone would be enthusiastic about purchasing your products or services?

Pessimism can become a habit over time with the help of a variety of different sources. You can learn to be pessimistic from your parents and friends as well as from people at work (especially if they hate their jobs). You can especially learn pessimism if you turn on the news. If you want to see a skewed version of reality, watch the daily news programs on TV. You'll find a continuous stream of events that are sure to change your attitude for the worse.

To rulers of nations, pessimism is actually a very powerful tool. Rulers always make sure that the citizens have enough fear and pessimism to occupy them. After all, if you're afraid and negative, pessimistic and doubtful, YOUR power is drained. You're easy to keep in line. Thus as you can see, pessimism has its cheerleaders and beneficiaries.

Like all diseases of attitude, pessimism stops you from succeeding in life. However, on the opposite side of the pessimists we have the optimists. These are the people that always expect the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOMES to occur. They dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation and fight off the pessimists with a high degree of energy and unending perseverance.

The optimists are the highest paid members of our society. They are the people that break records in sports, cure themselves of disease, and are the movers and shakers in every organization. They are the "can do" people that are fun to be around.

So which attitude do you prefer? If you chose optimism, you must start now to rid yourself of the habit of finding all the faults in everything. Instead of looking for the for the good. Instead of trying to find the fault with something, search for the "benefits." It's just as easy to do. So why not choose OPTIMISM!

Here are a few simple steps if optimism is the way that you wish to go. First, get away from pessimistic people. Find a positive bunch to associate with. If it's not possible to do, then be the lone optimist. Perhaps your example will shake things up a bit.

Next, turn off the poisonous news. Because of the Internet, we live in an age where you can stay better informed than ever before. On the Internet you can TAILOR THE NEWS to your own liking. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're going to miss something important. You have access to more than you can possibly imagine. You can have the news delivered YOUR WAY, and not the way of network executives or individuals in positions of power.

Over time, if you follow these two simple steps, optimism will become the easier choice to make. Pessimism will actually become an effort. Become more optimistic today, and enjoy life MORE!