The Language Of Love

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There's no better time than the festive and joyous holiday season to discuss "The Language of Love!" This language is not necessarily one that is spoken but rather a universal language of positive gestures and actions that every living organism desires.

One of the best examples to describe the language of love was portrayed in the movie "March of the Penguins." This movie portrays the extreme journey of Emperor Penguins who for thousands of years continue to abandon the security of their ocean home, to march blinded by blizzards and arctic gale winds in order to procreate. This journey is a team effort of both male and female penguins who sacrifice unconditionally, to bring their young into this world. Not a single word is spoken in any language we will ever understand. However everyone watching this wonderful movie will leave the theater understanding the true meaning of the language of love.

The creation of new life is a wonderful expression of the language of love for all living things. Watch of the birth of any specie, and you will witness the language of love. Motherly instincts to nurture and care for their young are nothing short of an extraordinary display of love. The daily sacrifices made of parents to care for their offspring can be accomplished without a word ever being spoken. It's all in the actions.

As a fairly new grandfather, I watch the language of love communicated daily through the actions of every family member who comes within a few feet of my grandson. The smiles that resonate on everyone's faces, regardless of their prior state of mind, can portray a meaningful lesson about the language of love. Babies have the power to bring out the love in us that resides deep in our heart. We all yearn to share our tenderness and affection and will do just about anything to please this little guy. A mere laugh or giggle from my grandson can make your day.

This example of tenderness and love should not be limited to babies. Children at all ages as well as every adult from twenty one to one hundred years plus are searching for the same expressions of the language of love. We are all searching for individuals to be kind and caring to us. Words in any language do not have to be spoken. It's all in the actions. For example after mom cooks dinner nightly to nurture and feed her family, the language of love can be communicated by dad or her children to clean up the kitchen without ever being asked. This is a powerful way to say "I love you" to mom without ever saying a word.

Recently in the news, the language of love was portrayed by Warren Buffet in the form of philanthropy. Sparing all the minutia that the media loves to pick apart, the bottom line is he pledged to give his fortune away illustrating the language of love. Warren's skills and wisdom helped him accumulate billions of dollars during his lifetime. He also helped many of his followers and owners of Berkshire Hathaway stock become multi millionaires. During his entire life, he lived a pretty common lifestyle and not one of a multi-billionaire. His choice to donate all of his stock incrementally every year to help mankind, without destroying the stock price of Berkshire Hathaway was both brilliant and generous. Unselfish actions to help others in need speak the language of love loud and clear. During his lifetime Warren could have collected hundreds of expensive cars and motorcycles like Jay Leno. Or he could have sailed around the world in a 500 million dollar yacht and live the lavish life of kings. However he chose to work hard and accumulate his fortune over a lifetime, utilizing his skills and enjoying his craft - and then give it all away. I say kudos to Warren Buffet for living an honorable and wholesome life and in the end communicating the language of love to people in need.

Every day, we all have the opportunity to communicate in the language of love without ever saying a word. The term "actions speak louder than words" can truly define the language of love. Here are some examples of actions that speak the language of love: going out of your way unasked and unconditionally to help someone in need; sharing whatever you have with others; living your life in a fashion that makes your parents or your children and grandchildren proud; being a good role model for others to follow; taking good care of your own health and well being in order to enhance the happiness of your loved ones; forgiving others for mistakes they made; live and cherish your life in the present and learn from but forget the past; take actions that improve the lives of those you love; live within your means; when choosing between RIGHT and WRONG, always do what's RIGHT!

As you can see, the language of love is universal. Actions speak louder than words! That's not to say that words of love are not important. Words of Love are the icing on the cake. We all need words of encouragement, support and respect as well as the actions of love. It's like having a double scooped cone of ice cream. Enjoy giving both today!