How's Your Name Brand Doing?

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Whether we like it or not, we are all developing a "Personal Name Brand" for the world to search for on the Internet. The days of personal privacy are quickly drifting past us, without us even realizing what's happening. And it will be up to every individual to insure that they build a solid "Name Brand" and protect it by living a clean, honest life. Prior to the last few years, one's public records were only viewed by those who wanted to take the time to travel to city, county or federal government offices and comb through books of records about your public transactions. One had to have a pretty good reason to do this.

The rules have quickly changed. Today, anyone can use a plethora of search engines to research just about anything they care to, regarding your "Brand Name." Not only can the average layman find out where you live today, they can check public records online for free and learn about every residence you ever owned. Then go to free software programs to find out what your homes are worth and view detailed satellite images to look at them. The way personal data is popping up on the internet, it may not be long before any interested party considering accepting you for college; hiring you; or issuing any type of license; insurance policy or loan will be able to learn about your Brand Name in a couple of minutes. They will know learn about liens, lawsuits, or just about anything negative or positive about your life. Our privacy laws are not protecting the personal data that is cramming databases on the internet.

Today is as good a time as any to prepare to deal with your "NAME BRAND." Your actions in life are becoming more transparent every day and it's up to each individual to build a strong name brand for themselves. There will be many benefits for those who follow this timely advice.

Keep in mind that we are no different as individuals than the BRAND NAMES of COMPANIES we've grown to know and trust. I always enjoy reading about Global Brands and how they build BRAND VALUE. Below is a list of the top 9 of the Business Week 100 Best Global Brands. Business Week uses data from a company named INTERBRAND, which takes lots of ingredients into account when ranking the WORLDS most valuable brands. To even qualify for the list, each brand must derive about a third of its earnings outside its home country, and be recognizable outside of its base of customers. The dollar values shown below are for 2006 and the percentages shown indicate the BRAND VALUE change from 2006 verses 2005.

1) Coca-Cola U.S. $67,000,000 -1%

2) Microsoft U.S. $56,926,000 -5%

3) IBM U.S. $56,201,000 +5%

4) GE U.S. $48,907,000 +4%

5) Intel U.S. $32,319,000 -9%

6) Nokia Finland $30,131,000 +14%

7) Toyota Japan $27,941,000 +12%

8) Disney U.S. $27,848,000 +5%

9) McDonald’s U.S. $27,501,000 +6%

It's no accident that these top brand names share many characteristics. They all have solid reputations in the marketplace. Their products and services are reliable and they lead the marketplace in their industries. They are innovative; fiscally sound and operate very profitably. Top brands are not only highly respected by their clients; they also command the respect of their competitors.

The characteristics of your personal NAME BRAND need to share similar characteristics to commercial name brands. All of the actions you take every day either increase or decrease your reputation. Employers want to hire reliable employees who are leaders in the marketplace. Consumers want to buy from small business owners with the same qualities. As an individual it's important to have good credit and be fiscally sound regarding your personal affairs. And individuals must strive to be respected by their clients; their families; their friends and even their competitors in order to lead a good life.

Don't take your personal Name Brand for granted. For centuries past, a family name was something to be honored. A good name was passed down through generations and no one wanted a tarnished name in a small town. It's time to pay close attention to your actions and develop a valuable personal Name Brand. Build a solid reputation in order to be rewarded for your efforts. Fail to pay attention or act reckless in any way and anyone searching to know will find out. Begin immediately, building your "NAME BRAND" into a valuable asset, just like the leading global companies do!