Gadgets To Improve Your Attitude

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There's no shortage of gadgets on the market today to buy and enjoy. The only ingredients lacking may be the time to use gadgets and the extra money to purchase them. With only 168 hours in a week, it's seems prudent to chose meaningful gadgets and be very stingy with your free time. Most working aged individuals will usually consume at least 40 hours a week at their job and an average of 3 hours a day or 15 hours a week getting ready for and commuting back and forth to work. Thus at least 55 hours or 1/3 of those 168 are consumed by one's career. Of course this number can be much higher for folks whose basic work week consists of more hours.

Then add another 8 hours a day for sleeping....considering the time it takes to get ready; fall asleep; and actually sleep and you've just subtracted another 56 hours off of your weekly allotment of time. Finally, add in another 3 hours a day for preparing and actually eating meals as well as tending to other personal items and 21 more hours a week are subtracted, leaving only 36 gross hours of free time left in the week. I use the word gross time, because there are surely other responsibilities that everyone must tend to during their week that could range from 1 to all 36 hours depending on each individual's responsibilities.

From our example, it's safe to say that free time during one's career is truly...HIGH VALUED PREMIUM TIME, never to be squandered away. To improve and maintain a good attitude, one needs to surround themselves with as many positive experiences as possible during their free time, in order to face the next day with a smile. While TV may consume some of that free time, we'll start there with a discussion about making every TV moment count. At the moment there are two basic methods of receiving TV signals: the most popular being cable and the BEST being satellite. Since I need to have both in different homes, satellite is definitely my carrier of choice. Prior to using satellite, I was brainwashed by the cable company ads stating that the reception would be horrible. They claim that satellite signals would be lost every time it's cloudy or rains. That's just not true! The reception is just fine 99% of the time and I've had more trouble losing cable reception in storms than satellite reception. The real joys of satellite come from a better picture quality in High Definition; all digital channels; a much better TV guide; more value for your money monthly; and most of all a far superior DVR! The DVR is the best gadget ever, and has enticed me to watch more TV.

Since obtaining a DVR, I have learned that there really is some good stuff on TV. The programs just may not be on when I have the time to watch them. Satellite has the best TV guide and within seconds I can set a timer in my schedule to record all the shows that interest me, regardless of when they are broadcasted. Then watch all or only the parts of the shows that I really enjoy; at my leisure; whenever I want to; commercial free! Just avoiding all the pharmaceutical ads that are depressing and eat up my valuable time sweetens my attitude each day!

A couple of weeks ago I discussed my joy with a new phone purchase in a lesson titled A Trifecta Of Benefits. While I won't go into the details again about my new phone gadget, I will say that I am thoroughly enjoying my walks more with my favorite podcasts and music loaded on. Next I will be loading any digital photo's that make me happy onto my phone, to remind me at will of the best parts of my family life. I'm sure everyone has photographs hidden in albums and boxes. It's time to digitize them and start enjoying them more.

In the next year, with the help of my family, I hope to have a lifetime of paper photographs scanned a little at a time. Then produce a copy for everyone to enjoy. This is a worthy cause that I know will raise all spirits. We all need to constantly remind ourselves of what's good about our lives and bath in the fond memories of our past. Most pictures that we take are about happy events in our lives. Reliving and discussing those happy moments can improve our attitude a little bit each day. The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words is so true. We just need to make the effort to utilize those pictures to enhance our attitudes and promote our happiness.

As stated in the beginning of this lesson, there is no shortage of gadgets in the marketplace. You just need to focus in on those gadgets that can improve your knowledge; your attitude; and your well being. You need to find and utilize only gadgets that can turn your precious free time into productive happy moments. Life is too short and time passes by too quickly to waste your time using gadgets that will frustrate you instead of please you. Use gadgets to learn and broaden your skills; to enjoy your favorite music; to relive your fondest memories through photos and videos; and to promote your well being. Always remember that you are the CEO of your life. The choices you make in your career will determine your success or failure. Likewise the choices you make regarding how you invest your precious free time, will determine whether you have a great attitude or a lousy one. Whether you enjoy life or think it stinks. There's no one else to blame for YOUR choices. Chose well, live well! Utilize the right gadgets that will improve your attitude.