Build Self Esteem Every Day

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Self esteem is perhaps the most important ingredient that makes up one's character. High self esteem can propel you to attempt and accomplish great things in life. Low self esteem can serve as an anchor to hold you back from experiencing life's most precious satisfactions. In this lesson we will delve into this very important ingredient.

Self esteem is how you view or evaluate yourself. If you are proud of yourself, you'll have a high self-esteem; if you are ashamed of yourself, then your self-esteem will be very low. These feelings are a product of your daily behavior and interactions with others. A simple way to build your self esteem is to always come through on promises.

To "come through" means to stick to your word. If you say something, you do it. You'll rarely, if ever, hear an excuse from someone who always comes through on their promises. A person who comes through is someone whom other people rely on when the going gets tough or when an extra effort is needed "right now." An anchorperson on a bowling team or the clean-up hitter of a baseball team, earn their title by their consistent performance. You can count on them. They have a proven history of being able to come through when it's urgent.

So what does coming through have to do with your self-esteem? Well, let's look at a couple of examples.

Take Bill, who is totally disorganized. He shows up late to almost every appointment. He says that he'll complete a task, yet he always seems to forget. If he does complete the task, it's usually late. You can never get a hold of him, and he never calls you back.

Then you have Bob, who is on top of his game. He shows up 5 minutes early to every meeting. If he says that he'll complete a task, you can sleep at night without worrying about it; he never forgets. He usually completes the task ahead of schedule, and he's got every communication device that's necessary to always stay in touch with him.

Because our first person, Bill, is so disorganized, he seems to push people away. Once someone gets burned by Bill, they learn to avoid him. On the other hand, Bob needs to hire an additional secretary because people are drawn to him like a magnet. His ability to come through has attracted more relationships than he can handle.

Bill turns to complaining: "Everybody's a crook!" At the same time, Bob can't believe how many wonderful, sophisticated, and impressive people there are in this world. Both Bill and Bob associate with friends who share their views. As they say "birds of a feather, flock together."

Hopefully the above example shows you how coming through helps to mold your opinions of yourself. Want to build high self-esteem? ALWAYS come through! Be the person who can be counted on. Don't say one thing and do another. Never break your promise, handshake or commitment. Self respect leads to the respect of others. Respect from others leads to high self-esteem. High self-esteem is a quality only found in "TRULY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE."

The liars, cheaters and scam artists that we read about in the media, may acquire wealth at the expense of others, but they are by no means successful. They have to look at their ugly faces in the mirror each day and they usually hate what they stand for. They usually destroy themselves from within, regardless of their bank account balances.

But there is another world that resides outside of what the media portrays. There are millions and millions of people who would literally make your jaw drop in astonishment. These people perform feats that are extraordinary, and they perform them on a daily basis. Don't let the fact that they aren't portrayed in the media fool you. They're out there, and if you want, you can become one of them.

Just refer to the above examples of Bill and Bob. You'll notice that the difference between the two is rather insignificant; one comes through while the other doesn't; however the results between the two are worlds apart.

Being proud of yourself and your actions every day will give you a peace of mind that all the money in the world cannot buy. It will earn you the trust of others that is priceless. You will respect yourself more and treat your body better. Instead of going down the road of self destruction, your persona will beam with self-esteem and confidence. Always be trustworthy. Always come through. Your life will be so much more rewarding!