For Boomers And Caring Citizens

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In last week's lesson we discussed in detail the emotion of DISGUST. And this week I have decided to exercise the powers associated with the emotion of disgust in an effort to appeal to my peers, the "Baby Boomers" which represent the largest economic and political force in the nation.

I am very proud to be a caring, conservative "Baby Boomer" and know that if you are one – you are just as proud. My disgust mentioned above is spawned by the treatment of a "gentleman" named Ron Paul, a Texas Congressman who happens to also be a 2008 Republican Presidential candidate. My disgust is pointed toward the organized media: TV; News; and all the individuals we watch and tend to listen to every day, who appear to be doing everything humanly possible to disrespect the platform of Ron Paul, because he does not serve the interests of big government and powerful lobbyists. Instead, he serves the interests of YOU and ME!

I'm sorry to admit that two individuals I used to watch quite regularly on Fox News, were Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. During their earlier years on Fox they seemed to present a "more fair and balanced" aspect on news than the big networks. I have read their books and was a loyal viewer. Now they interrupt viewers with opinions other than theirs, and have consistently displayed total disrespect for the wise opinions of Congressman Ron Paul. After watching each do so, I have completely stopped watching their shows forever! They proved to be anything but fair and balanced with Dr. Paul.

Over the last five and a half years, I always made sure that was free of my personal political opinions. However, I sincerely believe that there's a lesson to be learned from my own awakening that something really stinks about our current political process. We are watching before our very eyes, how the NEWS and MEDIA are trying to elect our government officials. I am disgusted with polls and the media telling us who has or doesn't have a chance to win an election. I am disgusted of being told that our election results revolve around how much money candidates can raise, as opposed to their qualifications to lead our nation. I am disgusted by the amount of network airtime the top fund raisers and media favorites get and the lack of attention they give to candidates with platforms of LIBERTY and FREEDOM, who have the qualifications to lead our country into a better future for our children and grandchildren.

I am also proud that I am now INVESTING most of my TV news time on YOU TUBE or other websites to learn about political candidates instead of listening to the BIASED network and cable channels. The Internet leans more toward democracy and is a FREE voice of the people, instead of the voice of the owners and executives of network and cable channels. And if you are a BOOMER or older, and want to learn more about what grassroots America wants, please take the advice of this CARING BOOMER and depend LESS ON TV to learn about issues that are important to all of us! The networks and cable channels serve up nothing but bad news and no solutions to our challenges.

The Internet is changing the world. No one can argue with that. The under 35 generation has totally embraced the Internet, and is more politically charged than the media and networks will ever admit. I am very fortunate to have family members in the under 35 age group to guide me in a positive direction, in an effort to make our world better. They helped me take off my own blindfolds and see the light through the eyes of future generations. I'm sure you will agree with me that future generations deserve a fighting chance to live a life guided by our constitution. Too many of our government officials, big business, and the media are slowly robbing us of the democratic rights and principles that made our country GREAT. If you have been fortunate enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, you probably are doing what most Boomer's are doing - which is ignoring the subtle changes going on around us. Your response is probably "why rock the boat" when I'm living well? Don't be fooled like the frog that boils to death in the water of the "slowly" raising temperatures he sits in.

As stated previously, I am a proud, conservative, caring, BOOMER and know there are tens of millions of BOOMERS just like me. Together, we can make an enormous difference to steer our country's policies towards making the world a better place, especially for our children and grandchildren. Our voting bloc represents enormous political power. My appeal is to open your eyes and open your mind to the platform of Ron Paul. Most people my age and above know virtually zero about this once in a lifetime candidate, who really can make a difference regarding the future of America. At first he seemed to profess too many changes for my comfort level. However, the more I have learned about his record and his honesty, the more I grew to appreciate that he is like a reincarnated Thomas Jefferson. Someone who truly defends the constitution and is not involved in politics for the sake of POWER and financial gain! His sincerity and grass roots support definitely scares the establishment more than you can ever imagine. My appeal is to just open your mind and learn as much as possible about Ron Paul, before casting your vote in the primaries. I believe he appeals to ALL AMERICANS, both Democrats and Republicans and we BOOMERS can really make a difference and elect THE BEST CANDIDATE - for once in our lifetime!